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The McCain Update - April 4, 2008

John McCain was in Memphis today to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination. John McCain issued the following statement:
"Dr. King stirred the conscience of our nation to ensure that the self-evident truths of human freedom held true for all Americans. The power of his work and vision was not ended forty years ago in Memphis. Across the world, men and women are living Dr. King's dream as they strive to extend the blessings of human liberty and human rights to all. Today, we mark a tragic day in our nation's history while honoring the work of a man who was the voice for our nation's highest ideals."

To read the speech John McCain gave this morning about Dr. King and his enduring legacy, click here.

Service to America Tour
This week, John McCain embarked on a Service to America tour that tells the story of his life, from his proud family naval history starting in Meridian, Mississippi, to his current home in Arizona. You can follow the entire tour online at where there are videos, speeches and the latest news about the tour.

Where the McCain story begins - The family traditions of duty, honor and sacrifice shaped John McCain from an early age and guided his vision for the future. Meridian is the home of McCain Field named after John McCain's grandfather, an admiral in the U.S. Navy.

An excerpt from John McCain's speech in Meridian:
"A distant ancestor served on General Washington's staff, and it seems my ancestors fought in most wars in our nation's history. All were soldiers - both Henry and Bill McCain were West Pointers - until my grandfather broke family tradition and entered the Naval Academy in 1902. He was succeeded there by my father, then me, and then my son."

Click here to read more about day one, including John McCain's full speech, a blog report from the road and the day's video.

The Mark of a Man - John McCain describes "the mark of a man," the imprint left on his heart by a once-in-a-lifetime relationship with a teacher whose lessons shaped his ideas about right and wrong, compassion and forgiveness. Alexandria is the home of Episcopal High School where, John McCain attended school.

An excerpt from John McCain's speech in Alexandria:
"I doubt I will ever meet another person who had the impact on my life that my English teacher at Episcopal High School did. But I know there are many Americans who should teach and could influence children as beneficially as he did me. All children should have a teacher like I had, who they remember when they have children and grandchildren as one of the most fortunate relationships in their lives."

Click here to read more about day two, including John McCain's speech, blog report from the road and the day's video.

A Love of Country - Day three details John McCain's journey from a young man who arrived at Annapolis more focused on breaking rank than rising through the ranks, to a man who had in him, a love of country and a commitment to serving her ingrained in his heart for life. Annapolis is the home of the U.S. Naval Academy and John McCain prepared to serve his country in Pensacola after graduation.

An excerpt from John McCain's speech in Annapolis:
"I want every American to know that, despite its attendant risks and sacrifices, military service even for one or two enlistments or for a career is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever have."

Click here to read more about day three, including John McCain's speech, blog report from the road and the day's video.

Character through Sacrifice - In the immediacy, chaos, destruction and shock of war, soldiers are bound by duty and military discipline to endure and overcome. Jacksonville was the home of John McCain before his deployment to Vietnam and following his return after 5 years as a POW.
An excerpt from John McCain's speech in Jacksonville:

"The defense of my country was important not only to the security of my countrymen and the blessings of life in America. It was important to the world: to the peace and stability of the world and to advancing in a hostile world those ideals we believe are universal. I was part of that great cause, a small and unessential part, but a part nonetheless."

Click here to read more about day four, including John McCain's speech, blog report from the road and the day's video.

Ride the Bus Update: Vivian and Elliott Palefsky from Savannah, Georgia, were the lucky winners of the Ride the Bus contest. The Palefskys joined John McCain and the Service to America tour in Jacksonville on Thursday. They rode on the Straight Talk Express and attended John McCain's speech at at Cecil Field. Click here to watch a video of their experience.

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