Tuesday, April 22, 2008

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger On Fox News' "Fox & Friends"

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fox News'
"Fox & Friends"
April 21, 2008

GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: "Also, you know, John McCain -- and I'm not using this show here to do a commercial for him -- but I mean, he's just a very stable character. I mean he has been for the environment ever since I've known him. That's not something new. He's a big believer that you can protect the economy and the environment. He's open-minded. He's terrific and has shown it over and over to reach across the aisle in working with Democrats. That's what we need in Washington, someone that is inclusive, that brings people together, that has a vision that is daring and that says what he believes and moves things forward."

FOX NEWS' BRIAN KILMEADE: "Can he win California? Can a Republican win California that is not Ronald Reagan?"

GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: "I think that the Republican can win. Especially a McCain Republican can win. McCain has a good shot of winning California."

Watch Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger On Fox News' "Fox & Friends"

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