Tuesday, April 22, 2008

McCain Senior Adviser Charlie Black On Fox News' "Fox & Friends

McCain Senior Adviser Charlie Black
Fox News'
"Fox & Friends"
April 17, 2008

BRIAN KILMEADE: "Charlie, is there any doubt in your mind that this debate is wearing down both candidates and exposing both candidates as the Democrats decide who's going to be their person?"

CHARLIE BLACK: "It was interesting to see the long discussion last night about who has the most political baggage. But, more importantly, they talked about tax increases, spending increases, pulling back from the world, protectionism, building walls around America. Those aren't the views that the American people want to hear. They don't believe that that compares with Senator McCain's positive economic policy proposals this week for job creation, tax relief for the middle class and businesses and bringing federal spending under control. He also proposed some short-term help in terms of a gas tax holiday, making sure people can keep their homes, and making sure we have enough credit for student loans this year. I didn't hear the Democrats endorse any of those immediate needs."

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