Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Governor Charlie Crist On Fox News' "Your World"

Governor Charlie Crist
Fox News' "Your World"
April 29, 2008

FOX NEWS' NEIL CAVUTO: "John McCain touting his health care plan today. It would give individuals a $2,500 tax credit, $5,000 for families, to help pay for health insurance of their choosing. It relies on the free market, not national health care. Florida Governor Charlie Crist here to explain and back it. He is a McCain supporter, as you know, and a man many say could be a McCain running mate. That's for another day. Governor, good to have you this day."

GOV. CRIST: "Neil, it's great to be with you. This is a great plan. It's the right thing to do. It empowers the consumer -- $2,500 tax credit for individuals, as you said, $5,000 tax credit for families. That gives them that money essentially to utilize to be a smart consumer, to invest in their families, to invest in their health care and make the choice as it relates to health insurance coverage. It's the right thing to do for America."

CAVUTO: "But, you know, Governor, a lot of people hate their insurance companies, and there are a lot of people who argue that the insurance companies are the gouging middleman in all of this, and, essentially what you would be doing is rewarding tax credits to make them richer."

GOV. CRIST: "The way I view it is you give the opportunity for the individual consumer to be empowered to make that choice instead of some bureaucrat in Washington making the choice for you about what your health insurance coverage is going to be and who it's going to be provided by. You empower the consumer to have the power of choice, as Milton Friedman would love or Adam Smith. It's the right way to go in my view, and philosophically, I think it's better for the American people, because it gives them that power of choice to make their decisions about what's best for them on an individual and/or family basis."

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