Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mayor Rudy Giuliani On The "Time For Action" Tour

Mayor Rudy Giuliani
CNN's "American Morning"
April 22, 2008

KYRA PHILLIPS: "Is this about going after the Democratic vote or is this about diversity? I mean, it's pretty obvious he wants the black vote."

MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI: "I think it's about reaching out for all votes and obviously this is a good time to do it. He's putting his campaign together. So as you're putting your campaign together, you want to show we're reaching out for every vote. There are heavy numbers of Independent and Democratic voters in those areas, but also Republican voters. I think the reason they were selected are these are parts of the country that are suffering more than some others -- suffering from transitions maybe from steel or maybe from mining, other situations. He wants to show people there, I care about you. You're going to be part of my planning. You're very much a part of the America John McCain wants to lead."

Watch Mayor Rudy Giuliani On CNN's "American Morning"

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