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The McCain Update - April 11, 2008

John McCain began the week focusing on the war in Iraq and the larger struggle against radical Islamic extremism. He spoke at the VFW National Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, on Monday. On Tuesday, he heard about the importance of continuing the new strategy in Iraq when General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker testified before the Senate on the progress being made there. Later in the week, John McCain also addressed the economic problems affecting America's families by unveiling several new critical economic initiatives during a Brooklyn Small Business Roundtable.

This week, John McCain's public service announcement for American Idol's charity, "Idol Gives Back," appeared on the popular show. Click here to watch the clip of the ad!

John McCain spoke Monday at the National Veterans of Foreign Wars Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. He was grateful to be in the company of Americans who have had the burden of serving our country in distant lands and the honor of having proved their patriotism in difficult circumstances.

In his speech, he further stated that the job of bringing security to Iraq is not finished, but we are no longer staring into the abyss of defeat and can look ahead to the genuine prospect of success. We have a great opportunity, not only to bring stability and freedom to Iraq, but to make Iraq a pillar of our future strategy for the Middle East. If we seize the opportunity before us, we stand to gain a strong, stable, democratic ally against terrorism and an ally in the region against an aggressive and radical Iran.

John McCain discussed the critical need to provide for our veterans after their courageous service. As president, he will do everything in his power to ensure that those who serve today and those who have served in the past have access to the highest quality health, mental health and rehabilitative care in the world. Whatever our commitments to veterans may cost, John McCain will keep them. To read his entire speech to the VFW, click here.

On Tuesday, John McCain heard testimony from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker which addressed the current situation in Iraq, threats posed by Iran, the continuing threat of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the security of the Iraqi people.

John McCain's opponents’ constant call for an immediate withdrawal, regardless of the consequences, is a reckless and dangerous move that would threaten the long term security of our country. Leadership is not about bowing to political pressure; it is about thinking through the consequences and having the experience and judgment to make the tough decisions.

As president, John McCain will ensure that our troops come home victorious in a war that is a critical part of the larger struggle against radical Islamic extremism. He will keep our national security his highest priority.

Prior to the Iraq Senate hearings Tuesday, John McCain attended the Veterans for Freedom Rally outside of the Capitol. Among others, John McCain was joined by Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, who also have been outstanding supporters of our military men and women.

At the rally, John McCain said, "No one detests war more than a veteran. But the veteran also knows the consequences of defeat means greater sacrifice and greater numbers who are wounded and killed. You know better than any, the consequences of defeat." Click here to see pictures from the rally.

John McCain outlined several new economic initiatives to provide immediate help for American families. Across the country, hard-working families are facing economic challenges. Gas prices are rising, mortgages are threatened, and thousands have lost their jobs. Now is the time to act, and John McCain outlined several near-term, tangible plans to address some of the challenges confronting Americans today. Click here to read his plan.

At the Brooklyn Small Business Roundtable in New York on Thursday, John McCain discussed his plan and how to get our economy back on track. For Americans, a good job is the best program for housing, education, clothing, health care and transportation ever devised. A strong, growing economy with good jobs is central to everything we want for America. Today our economy is weakening, and as John McCain travels around the country and meets with people, he sees how things are getting tougher for many Americans. John McCain's plan will help alleviate the economic pressures on American families by bolstering job security, confronting higher living costs, and facing the housing crisis with real solutions. Click here to read the full speech.

McCain Star Supporters
Congratulations to all of our winners from the McCain Basketball Brackets challenge! We had outstanding participation and appreciate everyone who took the time to submit their brackets. All of the winners defeated John McCain, whose final pick of UNC fell in the final four. In the main contest, Gary Brown won with 169 points. Jeffrey Carlington was second with 168 points and Tucker Peve was third with 167 points. In the Second Chance contest, the first place winner was Johnny Moats with 124 points. Nicole Najim and Peter Smith tied for second with 120 points each. Sara Meriweather and Laura Norton tied for third place with 116 points each. Our first place winners will receive a McCain fleece, second place winners will receive a McCain hat and the third place contestants will receive a pin.

Our winning schools were University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in first place, Ohio State University - Columbus in second place and University of Kansas in third place. Thank you to everyone who participated in the bracket challenge. We appreciate your support!

We want to again congratulate Vivian and Elliott Palefsky from Savannah, Georgia, who were the lucky winners of the Ride the Bus contest as part of the Service to America tour last week. The Palefskys had a great time with John McCain aboard the Straight Talk Express in Jacksonville, Florida. If you have not had a chance to watch the video of their experience, click here.

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