Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea Party Speakers

We had a question on one of our posts from someone regarding the speakers at Tea Party events. They wanted to know if only Republicans spoke at the Tea Party protests / events (whatever you want to call them ;-). The ones I've been to had independent speakers, libertarian speakers and many who didn't claim any particular party. As a rule, the various efforts that I'm aware of want to shy away from attaching themselves to any party... In particular those involved in Glenn Beck's 9-12 project are not enamored of any political party. The meetings I've attended included Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and a whole bunch of people who have never ever been involved in any political party or event. I've even run across a few who haven't voted in a while, but now they're engaged.

In this blog we focus on Republicans, thus we're not going to include things from other political groups. We also have Potluck Politics, State & National News, Republican News Sweep, Good Government, and numerous other blogs (and websites) which cover the range of political efforts.

We don't post ANY comments that include a link to another site or blog (even those that are hidden). The main reason we do that is that we simply don't have staff to go check out every site that's linked in comments. The comment I'm writing about here (re: speakers at tea party events) had a link and we had to be consistent so couldn't publish it. Sorry.

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