Monday, September 28, 2009

Oxendine to Perdue - No Teacher Pay-cuts‏

“I want the 2,000 Georgia teachers who hold certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to know that I am totally opposed to the proposed cuts from this Administration,” said John Oxendine, candidate for Governor. “I acknowledge and understand that in order to avoid raising taxes Georgia must address serious and substantial budget cuts, but teacher pay is off limits.”

Oxendine said he respects the work being done by Governor Perdue and like many Georgians he realizes there are no easy answers. “I do not wish to criticize the Governor and continue to offer my support in these trying times,” said Oxendine.

Oxendine said that while cuts are necessary, there are certain aspects of the budget, like teacher pay, that not only should be exempt from any cuts, but should receive annual cost of living increases.

“I call on Governor Perdue and the General Assembly to immediately reverse this policy and restore this vital funding to the very best of Georgia teachers,” said Oxendine. “The message this cut sends to those education students in our colleges and universities is demoralizing.”

Oxendine said that it is important that Georgians understand that in an Oxendine Administration there will be three areas off-limits from budget cuts: Teachers, Veterans and Law Enforcement/First responders. This last category includes the Georgia State Patrol and Georgia
National Guard.

“Georgia needs to reexamine our taxpayer funded financial commitment to social welfare programs in the budget and perhaps decide we can no longer sustain in these trying financial times,” said Oxendine.

John Oxendine

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