Monday, September 7, 2009

Ray McBerry at Two Labor Day Tea Parties

Ray will be speaking at both of the following Tea Parties on Monday for Labor Day... come out and join us for some fun with like-minded Georgians who love liberty, limited government, and States' Rights! Dont be late for the LaGrange event, since Ray will be speaking first in order to make it to the Barnesville event in time!

As the only States' Rights candidate in the race for Governor, Ray has been asked to speak on the subject of "States' Rights" at both Tea Parties today!

On the square downtown LaGrange

Ray McBerry - Republican for Governor
Josh McKoon - running for Seth Harps seat
Danny Daniel - local attorney
Marty Harbin - Fayetteville business man
Melvin Everson - running for labor commissioner
Brian Miller - reading a letter from Zell Miller
Johnathan Krohn - young conservative writer

Downtown Barnesville
6:30-7:00 Music
Song - Caleb Henry (Just before welcome)
7:00-7:05 Welcome - Jay Matthews
7:05-7:15 Rev. Bob Chappell/Calvary Bapt. - Opening Prayer & Comments
7:15-7:25 Julia Heidbrink - "Glen Beck" letter
7:25-7:35 Tony Selier - Illegal Immigration?
7:35-7:45 Bobby Smith - Conservative Values
7:45-8:15 John Oxendine - Health Care
8:15-8:25 Robert Heiney - Cap & Trade
8:25-8:40 Ray McBerry - States' Rights
8:40-8:50 Johnny Nieman - Hate Crime amendment?
8:50-9:00 Rev. Benny Tate - Closing Prayer
9:00 Song - Ashley Hawkins

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