Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jones Impresses Members of Carpet and Rug Institute in Dalton

Jeremy Jones, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 9th congressional seat, recently participated in The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Government Issues Committee political forum. Mr. Jones, in keeping with his theme of a smaller, less powerful, federal government, said he wishes to eliminate the need for the CRI, and all PAC’s, to contribute to political campaigns if elected. “Your money will be better spent on research and development, and consumer education, not paying money to politicians to try and keep the federal government out of your business; they have no reason to be in your business in the first place.”

Mr. Jones’ message was well received, with many members saying they are now supporters of Jones and his campaign for Congress. The Republican Education Network, also in attendance, said of Jones, “Jones clearly held his own demonstrating a depth of study and accuracy, with great enthusiasm.” After the forum, Jones said, “I am continually amazed at the level of dissatisfaction of professional politicians. I am humbled by the enormous support I have received at this, and every, event. We are about to see a major change in Washington.”

Mr. Jones has been invited to speak at local TEA Parties and Right to Life organizations. His message of eliminating federal government involvement and the power of citizens to effect change in the government has been well received. “Electing career politicians to office will not insure that the voice of citizens is heard, but electing ‘a citizen to represent citizens; will guarantee the voice of the 9th district in Georgia is adequately represented in Washington D.C.”

Jeremy Jones’ next major speaking event will be at the Union County BBQ on September 12th. Residents in Catoosa, Dade or Walker County interested in attending and need transportation, please contact the campaign. Tickets for the barbeque are $10 per person, and include lunch and chance for a door prize.

For more information on Jeremy Jones, please visit his website at To have him speak at an event, please call the campaign office at 706-937-7635 or e-mail
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