Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Handel for Governor E-Update

Our Thoughts With Flood Victims

Karen, Steve and the entire campaign team want to extend their thoughts and prayers to the victims of this weeks terrible flooding. The loss of life – especially of children – is painful beyond words. Our hearts also go out to all of those who suffered property damage and financial loss. Tragedies like this put into perspective how vulnerable we all are and how precious life is.

Please take a moment and make a donation to The Red Cross. This great organization is working across Georgia today to assist those in need. To make a donation, follow this link.

Karen Pulls Away From the Pack in Recent Poll

A poll released today by Strategic Vision shows that Karen has pulled away from the pack and has made it essentially a two-person race for Governor.

According to pollster David Johnson who conducted the survey:

“Secretary Handel increased her support to move into a solid second place... In making her gains she continues to solidify her support among female voters. In many ways, she has demonstrated a strong comeback from several months ago when Congressman Deal first entered the race. Her current numbers are the highest we have registered for her in any of our polls. Her challenge is to expand her base support of support from beyond Fulton County and female voters.”

“Congressman Deal remains in the top tier but has taken a beating over the past month falling into third place,” said Johnson. “Part of this decline of support can be attributed to the negative news stories and also concerns about his age. However this decline can be overcome and is happening early enough in the campaign that he can regain his footing, barring other negative attacks.”

Karen continues to dominate straw polls

Insider Advantage reported this week on Karen’s strong showing in straw polls across the state. Karen won in DeKalb County which is where John Oxendine is from. She won in Oglethorpe and Muscogee Counties. She also did very well in Union County, finishing second, which is in Congressman Deal’s district.

These results show that Karen has a broad base of support all across the state. Her campaign organization and grassroots support is growing as more and more Republicans join he “Bring it On” campaign.

Here are the results:
Oglethorpe Co. Straw Poll Last Weekend
Karen Handel: 80
Nathan Deal: 60
John Oxendine: 44
Eric Johnson: 27
Austin Scott: 9
Jeff Chapman: 6
Ray McBerry: 5

Union Co. straw poll, Sept. 12

Nathan Deal: 24
Karen Handel: 13
John Oxendine: 13
Eric Johnson: 4
Ray McBerry: 3
Austin Scott: 3

Muscogee County Straw Poll September 8
Karen Handel: 57
Nathan Deal: 42
Eric Johnson: 41
John Oxendine: 37
Austin Scott: 25
Ray McBerry: 1
Jeff Chapman: 0C
hose not to vote: 6

DeKalb GOP Straw Poll August 29
Karen Handel: 101
John Oxendine: 63
Eric Johnson: 38
Nathan Deal: 27
Ray McBerry: 20
Austin Scott: 7

Show Your Support for Karen at Upcoming Events

Over the next 90 days Karen's campaign has dozens of events scheduled all across the state. We need your help and if you're interested in showing your support for Karen the next time she's in your community -- or if you would like to host an event of your own -- please let us know.
Contact Ally ( or Amanda ( for more information.

Young Professional Kick-Off Event a Huge Success

Last week we kicked-off the Young Professionals for Karen with an event in Atlanta. It was a huge success with almost 200 young professionals attending and showing their support for Karen.

We want to send a special thanks to the host committee for putting together such a strong event, and to all those who attended and joined Karen’s “Bring it On” campaign.

The hosts for the event were: Charlene Marino, Sarah Hawkins, Brian Stimson, Andrew Allman, Daniel Allman, Charlie Ozburn, Hunter Hill, Vincent Russo, Bo Keatley, Clay Cheshire, David Gordon, Andre Egros, Ginger DuBose, Rob Fortson, Steve Rickman, Danielle Simms, Jennifer Tommasello, Amy Salloum, Steve Butler, Jason Lunsford, Tray Guepet, Mike Kerfeld, Chris Wagner, Baoky Vu, Emily Culbertson, Craig Cancienne, Glenn Harvin, Amy Shultz, Lesley Newell and Chad Wingate.
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