Thursday, March 20, 2008

News Roundup

Whither the GOP?
The Phoenix - Boston,MA,USA
The Massachusetts GOP has been forced to remake itself after the end of the Mitt Romney era. Peter Torkildsen, who became chair of the state Republican ...

Ron Paul, waiting to be wooed, defies concession to John McCain
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
He won more than 800000 primary votes, more than far more famous, one-time, surefire frontrunners Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. ...

Mitt Romney
By yankeetirade
Will Mitt Romney be the canidate for Vice President? If so does anyone think it will help or Hurt McCain?
Yankee Tirade -

Democrats seize on McCain's Iraq gaffe
Times Online - UK
However the Republican candidate will no doubt be braced for further attacks from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are both due to discuss their plans ...

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain spar over Iraq
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
Both Senator Obama and his Democratic adversary Hillary Clinton reiterated their vows to pull out of Iraq, but Republican nominee-elect John McCain insisted ...

McCain backs peace talks for Israel and Palestinians
Independent - London,England,UK
By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem The Republican presidential candidate John McCain yesterday endorsed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian ...

Clinton passes Obama in latest Gallup Poll. McCain beats them both.
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
But she trails John McCain by three points (within the margin of error). McCain, is four points up on Obama. Clinton and Obama have been neck and neck _ or ...

Democrats Leading McCain, But Gap Narrows
CBS News - New York,NY,USA
(CBS) Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hold slim leads over John McCain in a general-election match-up, according to a new CBS News poll. ...

McCain in Sderot: That's no way to spend the holiday
Ynetnews - Israel
The grim situation in the rocket-battered town of Sderot has left a heavy impression on Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who visited there with ...

McCain Concludes Fact-hiding Mission to Iraq
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
Presumptive GOP nominee John McCain wrapped up his fact-hiding mission to Iraq today, declaring the trip an unqualified success. "My friends, I came to Iraq ...

The Dalai Lama Writes McCain
Washington Post - United States
John McCain, thanking him for "concern you have shown regarding the sad turn of events in Tibet and for your efforts to persuade the Chinese authorities to ...

Obama and McCain in crossfire over Iraq
Swissinfo - Switzerland
By Caren Bohan FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina
(Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama criticized Republican John McCain on Wednesday for ...

New poll: Recession fears rise, McCain leads Obama, Clinton - Charlotte,NC,USA
John McCain's presidential bid. According to a Zogby International poll, 74 percent of Americans think the US economy is in recession. ...

McCain: If they were to fire at a city in Arizona, we would react
Ynetnews - Israel
Republican candidate for US president visits Western Wall in Jerusalem. Palestinian president wants to advance peace process and does not support what is ...

Republican candidate McCain in Iraq
Irish Times - Ireland
US Republican presidential candidate John McCain arrived in Iraq today to assess improved security attributed to a build-up of 30000 extra troops of which ...

Presidential Prediction: Obama vs. McCain
KC Community News - Overland Park,KS,USA
... point to the electability factor that Obama seems to carry as an advantage over Clinton in an eventual campaign against the Republican candidate, Sen. ...

A McCain stumble in political stagecraft
International Herald Tribune - France
By Michael Cooper
JERUSALEM: Senator John McCain's trip overseas was supposed to highlight his foreign policy acumen and his supporters hoped it would ...

Let’s Speculate: A McCain-Romney Ticket? What About The Question
By Lowell Brown
The Republican party’s Presidential nominee to be, Senator John McCain, is now dropping hints that, yes, he would indeed seriously consider his former nomination rival former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as his running mate. ...
Article VI Blog -

Rossi tells record GOP audience he'll win - again
Port Townsend Leader - Port Townsend,WA,USA
By Allison Arthur Gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi told a record crowd of Republicans on Saturday in Port Townsend that Washington gets a second chance to ...

Governor candidates try to define each other
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
Chris Gregoire and her rival, Republican Dino Rossi, but both sides of the simmering governor's race want to take this time to tell you a few new things ...

McCain Must Resist Increasingly Surreal Hubris of GOP Elites
Town Hall - Washington,DC,USA
This week Fred Barnes wrote an article in which he suggests that McCain's best VP choice is Mitt Romney. Mr. Barnes is correct that McCain's VP selection is ...

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