Friday, March 7, 2008

The McCain Update - March 7, 2008

With the wins in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont, John McCain officially became the Republican nominee on March 4th. He now has over 1,191 delegates. For an update on the final delegate totals, go to If you missed John McCain's speech on Tuesday night in Texas, click here to watch it online.

Man in the Arena

This week we launched a new video,"The Man in the Arena," highlighting John McCain's optimistic vision and leadership in these historic and challenging times.

Like Teddy Roosevelt's famous quote, John McCain is the "Man in the Arena" in this presidential race. John McCain has been tested in life, but never backed down. Whether arguing against the original Iraq strategy or calling for the now-successful troop surge, John McCain has always been the man in the arena.

Because of John McCain's leadership and experience, he is ready to lead on Day One. Click here to watch "Man in the Arena."

Party Unites Behind McCain

After obtaining the number of delegates needed to win the Republican Nomination, President George Bush endorsed John McCain at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. John and Cindy McCain had lunch at the White House, followed by a press conference in the Rose Garden.

Later in the afternoon, John McCain met with RNC Chairman Mike Duncan at the party's national headquarters in Washington. They discussed plans for uniting the Republican party and joining together to defeat the Democratic nominee in the fall. President Bush and Chairman Duncan join the ever-growing list of John McCain supporters. Click here to see the latest update.
Latest News
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