Monday, March 3, 2008


U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced six additional governors who have endorsed John McCain for president.

"Now is the time to unite our party behind John McCain," said Governor Barbour. "The stakes couldn't be higher this November. This election will offer voters a clear choice: Democrats' liberal vision for our country versus the Republican Party's conservative principles of strong national defense, small government and traditional values. John McCain represents those values and I am proud to support him."

"John McCain is the leader America and our Party needs at this point in our history," said Governor Perdue. "He has the experience and proven judgment to lead our nation, and John's broad appeal will lift all Republicans running for office against stiff Democratic competition this November. On Tuesday, as voters in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont head to the polls, we hope they, too, will stand with us in supporting John McCain and rally our party behind our nominee for president."

"John McCain has already sacrificed more for our country than most of us ever will," said Governor Jindal. "John is a man of great courage and great fortitude. In these uncertain times, his steadfast commitment to keeping America strong and safe is badly needed."

"John McCain is a well known fiscal conservative who will bring strong fiscal discipline to Washington," said Governor Lingle. "He will work hard to cut taxes for all Americans. Senator McCain is a decorated veteran who will make certain that our nation's veterans are treated fairly after their service to our country. I am very proud to be part of his team."

"Our nation faces tremendous challenges that require a leader who's been tested, a leader with character who is guided by traditional values, and a leader with a proven track record of delivering results," said Governor Riley. "John not only meets, but exceeds each of these criteria. I am honored and proud to endorse John McCain for president."

"Senator McCain is a tried and true leader," said Governor Hoeven. "He is a genuine war hero, having served his country in Vietnam, including five and a half years in a prisoner-of-war camp. In these challenging times, we need a strong leader like John McCain to ensure that Americans are safe both at home and abroad. Domestically, Senator McCain has made a commitment to hold the line on taxes, which is important as this country faces a possible economic slowdown. It's also important because the American people, not government, should make decisions on how to spend their money."

John McCain thanked the governors, stating, "Each governor's tireless service has made a positive difference in their respective state. They have consistently stood up for the best interests of those who put them in office, and have fought to reduce the burden of a heavy-handed government and stood for the values that make our country great. I am proud to have each of them as a member of our team, and I know that their support will go a long way toward a Republican victory in November."

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
North Dakota Governor John Hoeven
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle
Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
Alabama Governor Bob Riley

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