Saturday, March 15, 2008

The McCain Update - March 15, 2008

Today marks John McCain's 35th anniversary of his release as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Click here to watch a video commemorating this important day in John McCain's life.

This week John McCain returned to New Hampshire to kick-off his general election campaign. As the state that started his journey to the Republican Nomination, it was a fitting place to begin the next phase of John McCain's campaign for president.

At the town hall meeting in Exeter, John McCain continued the tradition of taking the time to listen and to speak directly with the voters; both those who agree with him and those who do not. In the unscripted discussion, John McCain spoke on topics from Social Security and the war in Iraq, to fighting AIDS and malaria in Africa. He looks forward to continuing similar town hall meetings in New Hampshire and across the country as he begins his campaign for President.

Click here to see pictures of the event.

Stop the Earmarks

While John McCain has spent years fighting wasteful government spending, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have asked for millions in government "earmarks". John McCain continues to fight against the practice of earmarking and wasteful pork-barrel spending. Although it has often been a lonely fight, John McCain knows it is one worth winning. The American people demand that we introduce transparency and good judgment in to how we spend their tax dollars. If projects like the proposed taxpayer-funded Woodstock concert museum were worthy national priorities, their funding would not be sought through appropriations pork-barrel earmarks.

Sign this petition today to help us put an end to wasteful spending and reject the Washington insider, earmark-as-usual politicians being presented by the Democrats.

Become a McCain Ace!

With a donation of $25 dollars or more, you will become a 'McCain Ace' and your name will be permanently featured on our website's 'McCain Aces' board. This wall of recognition will be a record of your support for John McCain. It takes courage to stand with the right presidential candidate through thick and thin, and we want to recognize your efforts and commitment.
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