Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warner Robins Debate a huge success for Scott

Update from Austin Scott Campaign:

Warner Robins Debate a huge success for Scott

Tuesday night's debate in Warner Robins was a great success for the Austin Scott campaign. As the only major candidate not to abandon his elected position, Austin offered a unique perspective on the challenges facing Georgia. He distinguished himself by offering clear, concrete solutions to the problems facing Georgia citizens.

He expressed his strong fiscal conservatism, his unwavering commitment to quality public education, and that he is the GOP candidate most likely to win the general election in November.

"I haven't had the privilege of serving in a district that's 90% Republican like some of my opponents. I've gotten elected in the same district that (Democratic congressman) Jim Marshall wins," he said. "Think about who can carry the day for our party in November. It's all about that."

At one point, Austin had the whole crowd in laughter when he directed a question to the only candidate who declined to attend the debate. The event hosts had placed an empty chair on stage bearing the absent candidate's name.

The debate was hosted by the Warner Robins Patriot. Click here to read the Patriot's coverage of the debate.

Legislative Update

Georgians can count on Austin Scott, who has continued his commitment to those who elected him through his ongoing work in the legislature. Austin's work to balance Georgia's budget in this time of crisis will be an enormous benefit to the citizens of this state during his term as governor. He has introduced bills that will bring jobs to Georgia and hold our elected officials to higher ethical standards. He is also working to eliminate wasteful spending so we don't have to cut valuable programs like 4-H and the agricultural extension.

You can follow Austin's progress in the legislature by joining our Facebook page.

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