Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jeremy Jones: Open Letter to 9th District Congressional Candidates

GFP commentary: Refreshing.

Sent via Facebook:
Fellow Candidates,

It has been wonderful to meet and get to know each of you. I truly believe we have learned a lot from each other and I consider all of you new friends. Please understand, this letter is from the heart. There is nothing to back it up except my word.

Last week we were all working our campaigns with the full intention of having a successful election in July. The actions of Congressman Deal appear to have thrown all of that out the window, or at least have sped it up a great deal. Each of us believes we are the best candidate to serve the people of the 9th district, or we would not be running.

However, I ask that each of you consider the ramifications of the upcoming special election. I have decided to run in the special election as I know some of you will as well, and the others are most likely considering it. However, I know one of the reasons you would run in the special election is to be sure you are not faced with running against an "incumbent" in July. I have publicly made this promise, if I win the special election, I will not run for the seat in the upcoming primary/general election.

I make this promise because I know how busy the campaign season will be in May, June, and July. I also know how busy the person holding the office will be. It will not be fair to the people of the 9th district to attempt to serve in what we all agree a most critical point in our government's history, and devote the needed time to run an effective campaign to adequately present yourself to the citizens of the 9th district.

It was my every intention to serve the people of the 9th district next year, and for the years to come. However, as I know most of us believe, this election is not about me, you, or any other candidate. It is about our country, Georgia, and the people of the 9th district.

I ask you consider what I have said, and I humbly ask for your support to ensure a Democrat does not win this special election. If I win the special election, you can devote the time required to run the campaign that will illustrate to the people who you really are, and also allow the people of the district to be well represented for the next 9 months in Washington. It truly is a situation where the real winners are the citizens of 9th district.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jeremy Jones

PS - Not all candidates were tagged in this note, for some refuse to accept my friend request. I have sent this letter to them where possible.
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