Monday, March 15, 2010

Harold Logsdon, Candidate for GA Insurance Commissioner: Insuring Georgia's Uninsured

One of the biggest challenges facing Georgia's next Insurance Commissioner is finding a way to insure the 1.7 million Georgians without health insurance, and finding ways to cut in the $6.6 billion negative impact these uninsured have on Georgia's economy.

With innovative ideas, and by working with insurance companies through free market and free enterprise, I believe we can find ways to insure about one-third of these people. If we can do that, insure about 500,000 of these 1.7 million, it would mean a $2 billion economic boost to Georgia's economy.

This may include coming up with incentives to encourage the young and healthy to purchase insurance now. Georgia has been a front-runner in Health Savings Accounts, which could also be one solution to help the uninsured become insured.

On thing is certain, the answer is through free market and free enterprise, not some public option plan being pushed on us by Washington.

It's also time for Georgia to sell insurance across state lines.

This idea is part of the solution to healthcare.

SB 407 provides for this and answers all of my concerns about selling across state lines.

It allows states to form consortiums, allowing for a larger market -- which in turn, allows for lower insurance rates.

Not only does it allow for agents outside the state to sell insurance to Georgia residents, but SB 407 also allows Georgia agents to sell into other states -- increasing their market area.

SB 407 also gives Georgia's Insurance Commissioner the authority to protect Georgia's citizens, to go to bat for them when they have insurance disputes.

Georgia needs SB 407.

Harold Logsdon
Peachtree City
Candidate for State Insurance Commissioner
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