Monday, March 1, 2010

Bert Loftman, MD for US Congress, statement re: Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal is leaving his Congressional office in order to run for the Governor and this will greatly effect the current Congressional race. There will be a special election probably sometime in April. I have a number of reactions:

I believe that it is wrong for politicians to leave their elected office in order to run for another office. I pledge that I will never do this.

The advantages for the career politicians is that they already have name recognition and have accumulated large amounts of special interest funds in their war chests with which to begin a media advertising blitz.

The advantage for non career politicians is that the political tide is against career politicians. Their large media blitz will likely backfire and turn off the voters. Also, there will not be other competing races so concerned voters will be better able to concentrate on the candidates and issues of the Congressional race.

My advantage is that the issues of the FairTax, Controlling the Fed, and Honoring the Constitution returns us to our American Heritage. These time proven solutions will solve most of Americas problems such as job-creation, improved education, health care reform, lower taxes, less government, and campaign finance reform.

A vote for me is a vote for a healthy America and healthy Americans.
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