Monday, March 1, 2010

Jeremy Jones Annouces New Direction for Campaign

Today Nathan Deal announced he would resign his seat in the US House of Representatives effective March 6, 2010. Deal represents the 9th district of Georgia.

In light of the announcement, Jeremy Jones, currently seeking to replace Nathan Deal has announced a new direction in his campaign. Jones has announced he will run in the special election, date yet to be determined.

Jones also said when he takes office, he will NOT run for the new term to begin next year.

“The issues facing us today are to important for a Congressman to worry about running a campaign. Congressman Deal stepped down because he realizes the time commitment in both running a campaign, and serving in DC in these critical times. It only makes sense, in the best interest of the people of the 9th district they have representative dedicated to serving them full time, not someone worrying about an election.”

Under Georgia law, Governor Sonny Perdue will set a date for the special election. It could be no sooner than early April, but no date has been yet announced. Jones also stated, “If the election were held in early April, the new Congressman would be forced to learn by fire and get caught up on over half of the legislative session. To believe one can do that, serve the people of the 9th, AND seek to run a campaign that will be highly time consuming simply does not seem possible.”

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