Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meyers joins The Club for Growth in pledging to repeal possible health care takeover

Valerie Meyers, a Republican Congressional candidate in Georgia’s 8th District, signed The Club for Growth’s “Repeal It!” pledge to sponsor and support legislation to rescind any federal health care takeover passed in 2010.

The Club for Growth is the nation’s foremost group of free-market, free-enterprise conservatives. Meyers is the first candidate in Georgia’s 8th District to sign the “Repeal It!” pledge and is one of only three candidates in the entire state to agree to the pledge.

“The government and the health care industry have become increasingly interdependent and intertwined,” Meyers said. “It’s to the point now that many of our tax dollars go toward government-sponsored healthcare programs and initiatives. This causes Georgians to receive back only a portion of tax dollars sent to Washington for healthcare with many strings attached. I will only support legislation that will put the people back in control of their own care and the care of their family.”

Meyers, an active member of the Georgia GOP and mother of two who recently completed coursework for her MBA from Mercer University announced in November that she would seek the 8th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Jim Marshall. Meyers is the top-ranked Congressional candidate on’s ranking of non-incumbent Republican candidates seeking U.S. office.

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