Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eric Johnson Rebukes Tax Cheats

Calls out Democrats for late arrival to the dance

Senator Eric Johnson, Republican candidate for Governor, today released the following statement regarding the new list of legislators that failed to file their state income taxes:

“Last year, I was proud to lead the fight to make sure that every member of the General Assembly paid their taxes. I believe that politicians that tell you to pay your taxes should pay theirs. After a year of campaigning across our state, I know that my top priority as Governor must be jobs. But I still get the most potent crowd response when I talk about holding tax cheating politicians accountable. It is just plain common sense that an elected official must live under the same rules as everyone else.”

“Like you, I was shocked by recent reports that even after our work last year, there is a new group of legislators who refuse to file or pay their income taxes. They are thumbing their nose at the process and working a system they know how to manipulate better than anyone. I believe, as others now do, we must build on the good first step we took last year. We can solve this problem immediately by making it against the rules of the House and Senate to sit in the legislature while refusing to pay or file taxes.”

“As a Republican leader, I do have to laugh to myself a bit when I see Democrats running to the TV cameras saying they want to resolve this issue. When I discovered this problem last session, I didn’t know who was on the list or if they were a Republican or Democrat. I didn’t try to make this a partisan issue because it was simply a matter of right and wrong. However, the Democrats came out firing at me in an effort to cover up for their own.”

“After their actions last year, I don’t know how a Democrat could look Georgians in the eye and say they are a leader on this issue. They either fought reform publicly, fought it behind the scenes, or were conspirators through their silence. In Georgia, the overwhelming majority of violators were Democrats and they were following the lead of their tax cheating role models in the federal government. For goodness sake, the Democratic Treasury Secretary who oversees the IRS failed to pay $35,000 in taxes despite repeated warnings. Based on their actions, we cannot allow Georgia Democrats to hide their failures by blaming Republicans or by shading the truth with tough sounding rhetoric.”
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