Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jeremy Jones: Open Letter to the Citizens of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

Fellow Citizens,

One year ago today President Barak Obama was inaugurated as our 44th President. Obviously, I was disappointed by having a Democrat in the Whitehouse, especially with a democratically controlled House and Senate. One year ago does not seem that long ago to me. However, in exactly half that amount of time, six months, Georgia will go to polls to set up the first major election to overturn this most left leaning congress in our history. July 20th is primary day in Georgia. In the 9th district of Georgia there are many candidates wanting to earn your vote to be the Republican nominee for the November general election, including myself.

I have been campaigning for over a year now. I had decided, long before our current congressman decided to not seek re-election, it was time for a new voice in DC. It was time we removed career politicians and allowed the citizen to once again represent the citizens of Georgia. Many things have occurred since I decided to run, including over a dozen other people joining the race. However, none of them were willing to take on our current congressman. Ask yourself, if they were not willing to stand up for what was right then, why would they stand up for what is right later?

It is my firm belief almost every other candidate got into this race because it was an open seat, the path of least resistance. The decisions we are facing in the next 2, 4, and 6 years will not be easy, and will certainly not be on the path of least resistance. I have proven I am willing to fight my own party, if I believe it is the right thing to do. You can rest assured; I will fight for the citizens of Georgia and the United States Constitution.

When you decide who will represent you in DC, ask yourself, who is willing to fight for the people, not the large campaign contributors? Who was willing to fight the system when the fight was going to be difficult? Jeremy Jones is the answer.

I appreciate your support, please visit my website at and sign up to help us, the citizens, take back our country.

Jeremy Jones
Candidate for US House

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