Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Retired Senior Enlisted Leaders Endorse John McCain for President

McCain-Palin 2008 today announced that numerous retired senior enlisted leaders have endorsed John McCain for president. Endorsing John McCain, they issued the following joint statement:

We have had the honor and privilege of serving as career enlisted members of the United States Armed Forces. As senior enlisted leaders, we served in the trenches with so many of the fine young men and women who form the backbone of America's Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Our combined and individual experience informs our judgment that John McCain is the presidential candidate best suited to serve as America's commander-in-chief from his first day in office.

We believe that our National Security is at stake in the years ahead and in this election it is critical that we get it right. John McCain has been through the crucible. He is a man of courage and honor who we can count on to always put country first. He has the experience and demonstrated judgment to lead in troubled times. His entire life has been devoted to the service of America.

We unequivocally endorse him to continue his service to the country as the next President of the United States.

Senior Enlisted Leaders Endorsing John McCain

· AMCS Jeffrey Abbey, USN (Ret.)
· YNCM (SW) Robert Abbott, USN (Ret.)
· 1SGT Raymond Adkins, USA (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Jerry Allen, USMC (Ret.)
· GSCS (SW) Steven Allen, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Ted Arthurs, USA (Ret.)
· CMSgt Luis E. Astorga, USAF (Ret.)
· CMSgt Gilbert Atkinson, USAF (Ret.)
· MNCM John Babcock, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Peter Bacerra, USA (Ret.)
· MCPO Michael Baker, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Tony Baker, USA (Ret.)
· CPO Kenneth Banks, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Zachary Barford, USN (Ret.)
· CTRCM Terry Baxter, USN (Ret.)
· GySgt Ralph Bell, USMC (Ret.)
· RMCM Francis M. Bennett, USN (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Douglas E. Berry, USMC (Ret.)
· GMCM (SW) Roger B. Besaw, USN (Ret.)
· YNCS Walter Blackburn, USN (Ret.)
· AOCM Wayne Blanchett, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Bill Block, USA (Ret.)
· CPO Rick Bobst, USN (Ret.)
· STGCS (SW) William "Bill" Bond, USN (Ret.)
· SSGT & RM1 Michael Boots, USMC/USN (Ret.)
· MSG Findley Boyette, USA (Ret.)
· MCPO (Radioman) Hans Brakob, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Karl Braley, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO James Brewster, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Johnnie Bridges, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Alex Brown, USN (Ret.)
· AKC (AW) Robert Brown, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Jerry W. Burgess, USN (Ret.)
· JOCM (CCM) John Burlage, USN (Ret.)
· DCCM (SW) Mark Burns, USN (Ret.)
· STSCS (SS) Sid Busch, USN (Ret.)
· MCPON Duane Bushey, USN (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Jim Butler, USMC (Ret.)
· MSgt Stephen Calkins, USAF (Ret.)
· CMC Gary Campbell, USN (Ret.)
· GMCS Thomas "Tony" Campisi, USN (Ret.)
· MSG Clemente Cantu, USA (Ret.)
· CPO John Caraballo, USN (Ret.)
· ETCS (SW) Ronald Carrier, USN (Ret.)
· ABHCS Dale Cecil, USN (Ret.)
· DTCM Ray Champ, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt Herman Chandler, USAF (Ret.)
· MGySgt Victor Church, USMC (Ret.)
· ITCS (SW/AW) / SCPO Robert Clark, USN (Ret.)
· AVCM Brian Clark, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Jack Clay, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Charles Claybourn, USN (Ret.)
· MGySgt George Cleveland, USMC (Ret.)
· SGM Michael Clever, USA (Ret.)
· CPO Keith Clever, USNR (Ret.)
· SMSgt Jim Coffield, USAF (Ret.)
· ICC (SW/AW) Brian Cole, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Maxie Cole, USMC (Ret.)
· 1stSgt John Collick Jr, USMC (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Wesley Combs, USMC (Ret.)
· CMSgt Dan Cook, USAF (Ret.)
· MSgt Ted Cook, USAF (Ret.)
· PO2 Frank Cormier, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO David Costales, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Peter Coughlin, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO James Cross, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Thomas Cruise, USA (Ret.)
· CSM Lawrence Dahle, USA (Ret.)
· MCPO Regis Deinhardt, USN (Ret.)
· CTIC (NAC) William DeLong, USN (Ret.)
· MNC (SW/AW) Charles DeMoss, USN (Ret.)
· ADCS (AW) George M. Dengler, USN Ret. (Ret.)
· CPO Frederick Detheridge, USN (Ret.)
· PO2 Kenneth Diamond, USN (Ret.)
· OSCS (SW) Scott Doherty, USN (Ret.)
· ABCS (A/C) John "Dutch" Dorpinghaus, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Ronald Downs, USN (Ret.)
· CMDCM (SW) Douglas Duffy, USN (Ret.)
· GySgt Hubert Gene Duncan, USMC (Ret.)
· GMCM (SW) Robert Eisenberg, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Phillip Eisman, USMC (Ret.)
· STGCS (SW) Stephen Elkins, USN (Ret.)
· MSG Richard Embrey, USA (Ret.)
· CMC Ronald Esteppe, USN (Ret.)
· STGCS (SW) Vin Faris, USN (Ret.)
· AW1 (NAC) Gary Farmer, USN (Ret.)
· CTOCS(AW) Rex Faubion, USN (Ret.)
· TMC Cletus Fields, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Tracy Fisher, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Odas Flake, USN (Ret.)
· CMDCM (SS) Gary Flesher, USN (Ret.)
· CTICM Mary Ann Floyd, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO (SS) Jim Foster, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Thorne Froemming, USN (Ret.)
· AMHC Robert F. Gagne, USN (Ret.)
· AFCM Jack Gale, USN (Ret.)
· SHCM Luis Garza, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Tadeusz "Ted" Gaweda, USA (Ret.)
· ITCS (SW) Shannon Gillian, USN (Ret.)
· AWCS Roberto Gonzalez, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Ronnie Goodale, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Robert E. Gregory, USMC (Ret.)
· MCPO (PACFLT) Charles Griva, USN (Ret.)
· EMCM Mark Groomes, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Richard Grzych, USN (Ret.)
· AMCS Claude Hall, USN (Ret.)
· OS1 Randy Hammond, USN (Ret.)
· MSC Gerald Hannah, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Randy Hardin, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Dick Harrell, USNR (Ret.)
· MCPO Paul Harrison, USN (Ret.)
· FTCM Dale Hart, USN (Ret.)
· CTTCM (NAC) William Hathcock, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Gene Haukoos, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Conrad "Bill" Hemmingway, USN (Ret.)
· MMCM (SS/SW) Daniel Hengerer, USN (Ret.)
· CTOC (SW) Jim Hessman, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO (AOCM) Rick Higingbotham, USN/USMC (Ret.)
· Fleet MCPO Stephen Hillis, USN (Ret.)
· AWCM Michael Hobbs, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Scott Holloway, USN (Ret.)
· SgtMaj J. Holmes, USMC (Ret.)
· ATCS (AW) Larry Honeycutt, USN (Ret.)
· ETC Douglas Horeczko, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt Dwight Howard, USAF (Ret.)
· SCPO Martin Hozian, USN (Ret.)
· RMC Roy Hudgens, USN (Ret.)
· ADRC John Hudson, USN (Ret.)
· AWC (AW/NAC) James Hunnewell, USN (Ret.)
· SGM Burney Jetton, USA (Ret.)
· AVCM Robert Johns, USN (Ret.)
· AGC Bobby Johnson, USN (Ret.)
· DTCS Ray Johnson, USN (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Bob Jones, USMC (Ret.)
· PNC Phi Justin, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Douglas Kanady, USAF (Ret.)
· MCPO Harry Kantrovich, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Gregory Karl, USN (Ret.)
· CMDCM (SW/AW) William Keane, USN (Ret.)
· PO1 Joseph Keenan, USN (Ret.)
· CMC Stan Kline, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt John Kreutzer, USAF (Ret.)
· ITC Theodore Krol, USN (Ret.)
· SgtMaj Donald Lambrecht, USMC (Ret.)
· CSM J. R. Le Blanc, USA (Ret.)
· CPO C.J. Leeder, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Roger Limle, USN (Ret.)
· PNCM (SW) Harley Lindsay, USN (Ret.)
· GMCS (SW) Smith Louis, USN (Ret.)
· HMCM John K. Lowe Jr., USN (Ret.)
· CPO (JOC) George Marshall, USN (Ret.)
· BM3 Glenn Marshall, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt Linda Martinez, USAF (Ret.)
· CSM Marcel Matamoros, USA (Ret.)
· RMCS James Mathis, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Susan McBroom, USN (Ret.)
· MAC (SW/AW) Michael McCain, USN (Ret.)
· FLTCM Michael McCalip, USN (Ret.)
· GMCM John McClafferty, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO James "Grumpy" McGrath, USCG (Ret.)
· CMSgt Buddy McGuire, USAF (Ret.)
· MCPO Sean McGurk, USN (Ret.)
· PO1 Mike McMahon, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Dan McMillan, USA (Ret.)
· MSgt Robert Mickler, USAF (Ret.)
· CSM Vinton Milbank, USA (Ret.)
· AC1 John Millard, USN (Ret.)
· ACCS Kimberly Millard, USN (Ret.)
· DPC Jesse Miller, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO William "Boats" Miller, USCG (Ret.)
· SGM Frank Moore, USA (Ret.)
· CPO E.J. Morris, USN (Ret.)
· SMCM (SW) Charles "Chuck" Nierling, USN (Ret.)
· FLTCM William Nissen, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Larry Noble, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Willie Noles, USA (Ret.)
· SCPO John O'Grady, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Lawrence Okendo, USA (Ret.)
· ETCM (SS) Charles Ottoson, USN (Ret.)
· AWCM Dave Paden, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO William Palumbo, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Robert Persick, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Charles Piercey, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Victor P. Pinzon, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Melvin Pipkin, USAF (Ret.)
· MCPON William Plackett, USN (Ret.)
· SFC Donald Podratz, USA (Ret.)
· 1SGT Thomas Ponder, USA (Ret.)
· CMDCM Gregory Pratt, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO John D "Jack" Pressler, USCG (Ret.)
· SCPO Gregory Pruitt, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Wayne Pryor, USN (Ret.)
· AOC Dave Pulver, USN (Ret.)
· OSC (SW) Charles Quick, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Champ Ray, USN (Ret.)
· AOC Lewis Reddick, USN (Ret.)
· 1stSgt Jim Reifinger, USMC (Ret.)
· JOC (SW) Robert Remington, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Ron Retzlaff, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Albert Reynolds, USN (Ret.)
· AVCM (AW) Todd Richter, USN (Ret.)
· AVCM (AW) Todd Richter, USN (Ret.)
· ADCS (AW/NAC) Mark Riva, USN (Ret.)
· EQCM Rex Roark, USN (Ret.)
· FLTCM Manuel Rodriguez, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Gregory Rogers, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO (SW/AW) Geoff Ross, USN (Ret.)
· HMCS (SW) James (Danny) Ryan, USN (Ret.)
· MCPON Billy C. Sanders, USN (Ret.)
· QMCS John Sass, USN (Ret.)
· AOCS Tina Sass, USN (Ret.)
· AFCM Bob Sass, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Max Schwald, USN (Ret.)
· CMDCM (SW/AW) Linda C. Schwind, USN (Ret.)
· AFCM George Shellman, USN (Ret.)
· 1SGT Arthur Silsby, USA (Ret.)
· AQCS James Sisler, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO JW Smith, USN (Ret.)
· CNOCM (SW) James Smith Jr, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Willie Snow, USA (Ret.)
· 1stSgt Richard Solesbee, USMC (Ret.)
· MSgt Eugene Spencer, USAF (Ret.)
· SCPO (ACCS) Grady Stansell, USN (Ret.)
· CMDCM (SW) Clinton Steed, USN (Ret.), USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Bryan Stewart, USN (Ret.)
· AD3 Cummings Stiles, USN (Ret.)
· FCCS (SW) Ronald Stout, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt Herman Sugimura, USDAF (Ret.)
· MCPO Carter Swanson, USN (Ret.)
· CPO David Swearingen, USN (Ret.)
· YNCS Paula Michelle Sweigart, USN (Ret.)
· MSgt Norbert N. Szombathelyi, USMC (Ret.)
· PNCM Morris Tate, USN (Ret.)
· Chief Petty Officer Shaun Thomas, USNR (Ret.)
· MSG Larry Thrash, USA (Ret.)
· MCPO Joseph Towey, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Bill Treadwell, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Eddy Tubb, USN (Ret.)
· CMSgt Richard Vancil, USAF (Ret.)
· MMCM (SS/SW) Carl VanDusen, USN (Ret.)
· ASC Arch Vaughn, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO Paul Waeghe, USN (Ret.)
· MCPON Robert J. Walker, USN (Ret.)
· MCPO William Walsh, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Billy Waugh, USA (Ret.)
· MGySgt Harry Weatherly, USMC (Ret.)
· SCPO Matthew Weiner, USN (Ret.)
· SSgt Beege Welborn, USMC (Ret.)
· SCPO Marc Welhaven, USN (Ret.)
· AT3 Sidney "Bud" White, USN (Ret.)
· CPO Clifford Whiteley, USN (Ret.)
· ATCS Glenn Wiersma, USN (Ret.)
· AFCM Larry Winfield, USN (Ret.)
· SCPO Ron Wrigley, USN (Ret.)
· EMCM (SW) Paul Yates, USN (Ret.)
· MSG John Yermal, USA (Ret.)
· ADCS (AC/AW) Carl Yochelson, USN (Ret.)
· ATC Richard Youdal, USN (Ret.)
· BMCS (SW) David Young, USN (Ret.)
· CSM Robert Young, USA (Ret.)
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