Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain-Palin 2008 Statement on ACORN's Letter

Today, McCain-Palin 2008 campaign manager Rick Davis released the following statement in response to ACORN's letter:

"Almost a month ago, the McCain-Palin campaign reached out to Barack Obama's campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state election officials in an effort to cooperate on potential Election Day problems, including voter fraud. To date, we have not received a response. Today, our campaign's Honest and Open Election Committee, chaired by former Senators John Danforth and Warren Rudman, re-proposed that invitation in an event at the National Press Club. Given the extensive relationship between Barack Obama and ACORN, our campaign also feels that Senator Obama has a responsibility to rein in ACORN's efforts and to work aggressively against wide-scale voter fraud. In addition, Senator McCain has reached out to Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, to reject reports on voter challenges based on home-foreclosures.

"If left uncorrected, these numerous investigations and accusations of voter fraud with ACORN could produce a nightmare scenario on Election Day. It is our hope that the Obama campaign joins us in our efforts to prevent voter fraud prior to Election Day."

Below please find links to the McCain campaign's multiple attempts to resolve the voter fraud situation:

· Sen. John McCain's letter to Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee
· Sens. John Danforth and Warren Rudman's letter to Rep. Conyers
· Sens. Danforth and Rudman's letter to Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe
· Sens. Danforth and Rudman's letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean

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