Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Majority of Unites States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board Members Endorse John McCain

McCain-Palin 2008 announced today that a majority of the board members of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce have endorsed John McCain for president because of his unwavering support for small business. Hispanics are the largest minority business community, owning 6.6 percent of all American businesses.

"I am supporting John McCain because he understands that small businesses are the job engine of America, and he has a real plan for the issues that Hispanic-owned small businesses confront, such as health care," said Jerry Natividad of Colorado. "John McCain's plan puts families first, provides them with more choices, and while it cuts costs for my business, it allows my company to afford the best medical coverage for my employees. Barack Obama's plan will not solve the problem of the uninsured and will make health care a government-run plan that will put a bigger burden on American taxpayers."

Maria G. Taxman of Missouri added: "I am very confident John McCain will continue to break down foreign trade barriers, giving Hispanic-American-owned small businesses the opportunity to compete in the global markets. John McCain will promote a strong and growing economy that creates news jobs and increases wages. On the other hand, Barack Obama proposes billions in higher taxes, more spending and isolationism from global economy."


Eric Carson -- Hawaii
Elizabeth Gallagher -- Nevada
Jerry Natividad -- Colorado
Jeanette Hernandez Prenger -- Missouri
Nina Vaca -- Texas
Massey Villarreal -- Texas
Maria Taxman -- Missouri
Juventino Cano -- Illinois
David Gomez -- Illinois
Steve Gutierrez -- Michigan
Alfredo Rodriguez New Jersey
David Hernandez -- Florida
Ignacio Veloz -- Puerto Rico
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