Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maria Sheffield: Candidate GA Insurance Commissioner Update

Maria is Georgia's choice to be our next Insurance Commissioner and with your help, friendship, support, prayers, and vote, Maria will win this important election.

Maria is Ready to Lead

• She has the experience to hit the ground running on day one and will not
require on-the-job training.
• She is an attorney with Burr & Forman, a major southeastern law firm, and
has 15 years of insurance industry experience.
• She worked for the GA Department of Insurance for 6 years as an attorney
and legislative liaison.
• She is the only candidate with the right experience and qualifications for the
• She will have a fair and balanced approach to regulation.
• In addition to her undergraduate degree, she earned her M.B.A., M.P.A. and
J.D. all by the age of 25.
• She has worked with every insurance department in the country and is ready
to fight for Georgia.
• She is the winner of – Atlanta Women’s Magazine “Women on the Way,”
Business Insurance Magazine “Women to Watch,” NALS Atlanta’s Boss of the
Year, and Rising Star by Georgia Super Lawyer Magazine.
• She is a conservative manager ready to lead on day one.

Maria is Prepared for the Challenges

Consumer Protection

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Work to preserve a competitive free market insurance environment.
• Expand consumer choice.
• Drive down premiums.
• Fully fund your consumer services division.
• Help you resolve disputes with your insurance company.
• Work with Georgia’s insurance agents and brokers.

Affordable Coverage

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Work for affordable property, health and life coverage.
• Strengthen worker’s compensation coverage and availability.
• Oppose any regulatory action that would limit your insurance options and
• Actively encourage insurance companies to license and do business in

Rural Georgia Healthcare Initiative

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Support and grow this important program.
• Fight for funding so rural areas have local access to advanced medical care.

Strong Defender of State Regulation

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Oppose any effort to dismantle the state insurance regulatory system.
• Protect the state system, which has kept the industry stable and solvent for
over 200 years.
• Advocate against any Washington, D.C. bureaucrat making decisions about
your health care and insurance.

Insurance Fraud

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Aggressively investigate and prosecute insurance fraud in Georgia.
• Stop the cycle of Georgia families paying nearly $1,000 out of their own
pocket because of insurance fraud.
• Fight for Georgia families and small businesses so that you save money.

Portability of Health Insurance Policies

As Insurance Commissioner, Maria will:

• Fight to make sure a Georgia taxpayer never loses healthcare coverage
because of a job change.
• Maintain portability for Georgia policy holders.

Listening to Georgia

Maria is listening to Georgia. E-mail Maria your ideas and let her know what you think she needs to be aware of as Georgia’s next Insurance Commissioner. Maria will personally read your e-mail and respond. E-mail Maria at:

In Your Community

Maria looks forward to visiting with your group, association, and friends – in your local community. If you would like to invite Maria to speak with your group, association, or friends, e-mail Maria at:

Reagan Movement Conservative


• Will reduce the size of state government.
• Supports the Fair Tax.
• Supports tort reform.
• Supports the Tenth Amendment.
• Supports the Second Amendment.
• Is pro-life.
• Opposes new taxes at any level of government.
• Opposes Obamacare.

Proven Conservative – Lifelong Republican

Maria has:

• Attended multiple GOP national conventions as an alternate or delegate.
• Served as an officer in the Wilkinson County GOP for 10 years, including
serving as chairman.
• Been a Delegate or alternate to district and state GOP conventions for over
14 years.
• Worked as a staff member for the Georgia Republican Party.
• Volunteered for numerous Republican campaigns.
• Led the College Republicans at Georgia College and State University.

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