Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gerry Purcell Gives An Update From The Campaign Trail


For almost a year, my campaign has traveled around Georgia, listening to voters speak about their frustrations with "business as usual" in politics. Whether it is local, state, or national government, the people of Georgia want new leadership. For too long, the citizens of Georgia have been left out of having a voice in their government. We must remember that the government works for the people, not the other way around.

When I speak to crowds around Georgia, I stress several ideas about making your Insurance Department better, and more accountable to the people. Ideas such as:

Exposing the HIDDEN 4.75% Premium Tax that every Georgian pays on every health care insurance policy

Establishing a framework to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines

Enforcing an audit of the Georgia Insurance Code to eliminate wastefulness, duplication and discrimination of our small businesses and individuals

Many of my opponents, who claim to be "Reagan Republicans", are against you having the right to buy your health insurance across state lines -- even though President Reagan's top economic advisors are big proponents. Some of my opponents think we should merely "look into it."
I am 100% in favor of buying insurance across state lines, and frankly, I am surprised that so many of my opponents are against it.

This campaign has taken "status quo" politicians by storm, and it is all because of your support!
Many of you have already given generously, and we are grateful and humbled by your donations of time and money. Every donation is appreciated, and goes a long way to helping spread YOUR message of empowering the individual.

Please consider making a contribution to our campaign to help us share our vision throughout the state. Every dollar will be used wisely.

A contribution of $75, $100, $250, or $500 will help us bring this very important message to every Georgian in all 159 counties of our state.

Your servant,
Gerry Purcell

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