Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Op-Ed: Dems ooze hate‏

"I guess the Georgia Democratic Party has changed their name to the DemoHate party of Georgia," said Tim Echols, campaign manager for John Oxendine. "Having failed miserably at winning elections based upon policy and ideas, Roy Barnes and party chair Jane Kidd and the liberals at the Georgia Democrat Party have launched their third hit piece on John Oxendine.

Echols said that last week, using the time honored Clinton tactic of politics of personal destruction, the Democrats have asked on their website whose the most corrupt politician in Georgia.

"Our first observation is they made a glaring oversight by failing to include Roy Barnes," said Echols. "Secondly, this valuephobic Democratic party has clearly telegraphed that they intend to ooze only hate, maybe because they know they can’t win the election in 2010 if the election policy and issues."

Echols said being called corrupt by the Democrats of Georgia is a little like being called ugly by a frog.

Source: Oxendine Governor 2010

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