Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jones Speaks to Catoosa County Patriots

Jeremy Jones, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the US House to represent the 9th District of Georgia, spoke on Tuesday, November 3rd to the Catoosa County Patriots at their scheduled meeting. Jones was invited to share his ideas and opinions on current events affecting Georgian’s. Before his speech Teresa Tatum, co-founder of the Catoosa Chapter, shared a video explaining the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.

Mr. Jones was grateful for the opportunity to speak to the newly founded group and was honored to be the first congressional candidate to speak to the group. “This group, and groups similar, will be in power soon. I am seeking the Republican nomination because I believe in Republican values. Our problem is many elected Republicans act more like Democrats than they do Republicans.” Jones emphasized he was in this race before the Republican incumbent, Nathan Deal, decided not seek re-election and run for Governor. “I choose to run, not for a job promotion, and not because the door was open. I entered the race because professional politicians have had their turn. It is time to allow a citizen to represent the citizens. It is my goal to De-power DC.”

In sharp contrast to the professional politicians running, Mr. Jones allowed his entire allotment of time to be used for questions from the group. “It is time people seeking office stop talking and start listening.”

After the event, many people stayed to ask Mr. Jones more questions, and thank him for running. Several people signed up as volunteers for his campaign. “It should be a wake-up call to the other professional politicians, the people at these events have, for the most part, never been a part of a campaign, but are now ready to support a newcomer such as myself. The status quo is finished, we will win, and we will depower DC!”

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