Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Karen Handel on Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day, we salute everyone who has served in defense of our great nation and preserved the liberties that we enjoy today.

We also offer a special prayer for the tens of thousands who are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world. And please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who were killed in the Fort Hood tragedy a few days ago.

We should be ever mindful of the sacrifices that our men and women of the military -- and their families -- make for us each and every day. We give thanks to those who have strengthened our liberties, all too often at great personal costs to them and their families.

Please join Steve and I in lifting up a prayer for all our veterans and their families on this day. Pray also that we, as a country, remain worthy of their sacrifices.

Thank you,
Karen C. Handel

(Handel is a candidate for Georgia Governor)
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