Friday, October 2, 2009

Opinion: No More Tax Benefits for Illegals!‏

Every day, in cities throughout the United States, illegal immigrants take advantage of expensive health care services paid for with taxpayer dollars. What have Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama done to prohibit this massive abuse of our financial resources?

Not a single thing. In fact, Pelosi and Obama are threatening to open up the entire health care system to every Illegal Immigrant.

It's time we fight back and make our voices heard. Nathan Deal has been leading the fight in Congress to stop illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer-funded health care benefits. In fact, he wrote the law requiring every state to verify identity and citizenship prior to enrolling anyone in Medicaid. No one has been more aggressive about ensuring precious health care funds go only to those here legally.

Just last month, Nathan offered an amendment to the Democrat government-run health care scheme that would prevent illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefits by simply requiring verification that an individual is a U.S. Citizen, or in this country legally. But the Democrats defeated Nathan's amendment on a mostly party-line vote.

It's time to demand citizenship verification for taxpayer-funded services. We can't wait any longer. With your help, and with one, loud voice, we can force Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats to close this loophole once and for all.

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