Friday, October 2, 2009

Opinion: Mary Norwood's Plan to Pave Over Positive Solutions for Transportation‏

Most people have probably heard that Mary Norwood has taken issue with John Oxendine and his effort to start a discussion on solutions to Georgia's transportation crisis. After John Oxendine offered via video a series of positive transportation proposals and ideas, Mary Norwood went ballistic. She could not resist attacking John Oxendine with a series of negative "robo" calls - all in an effort to get her elected as Mayor of Atlanta apparently.

Norwood has a problem being positive and being honest though. After Norwood’s public criticism, John Oxendine reached out and invited Mary Norwood to discuss in a respectful and positive manner the important issue of transportation. This was not a debate or some “trick” in order to embarrass Norwood, but a genuine effort to jumpstart a conversation between two public officials. But instead of sitting down for a constructive conversation, Mary Norwood would rather use John Oxendine to prop up her campaign in an effort to score political points. This is unfortunate.

The real truth is John Oxendine wants to save Atlanta neighborhoods. It is John Oxendine who understands that traffic and congestion impacts the quality of life in Atlanta's in-town communities. The truth is that John Oxendine wants to involve all stakeholders to find 21st century solutions for this crisis.

Mary Norwood could actually do great harm to Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods by refusing to address the crisis. This transportation crisis begs for solutions—not cheap political tricks or slogans. And if Mary Norwood somehow gets elected Mayor and decides she still wants to pit Atlanta against the rest of the metro area, we'll fight her, and then we'll beat her. Atlanta and its traffic problems can't be allowed to choke the very life of our state.

Until she is elected, she should quit trying to use the Governor's race to get some cheap publicity.


Tim Echols
Campaign Manager
John Oxendine 2010

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