Friday, May 23, 2008

The McCain Update

America owes its liberty, its prosperity and its future to our veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting our great country. Please remember and honor our proud veterans and service members this Memorial Day weekend.

The Global Economy and Relations with Cuba

John McCain laid out his vision for America in the global economy during a speech to the National Restaurant Association in Chicago on Monday. As president, John McCain would protect American businesses through free trade agreements and worker assistance programs. He recognizes that exports are essential to American workers and employers across our nation.

On Tuesday, John McCain outlined his vision for a free Cuba. While Senator Obama has an inconsistent record regarding normalized relations with Cuba and unconditionally meeting with Raul Castro, John McCain is committed to ensuring that the Cuban people enjoy the blessings of freedom and democracy. John McCain will press the Cuban regime to unconditionally release all political prisoners, legalize all political parties, labor unions and free media, and hold internationally monitored elections. He will encourage providing more assistance and moral support to human rights activists and increase means to communicate directly to the Cuban people.

Solutions for Rising Gas Prices

John McCain understands that Americans are hurting from higher gasoline prices and rising food costs. As president, he will act immediately to provide the American people with relief and to reduce the pain of increasing expenses.

John McCain believes we should institute a summer gas tax holiday. Congress should suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day to provide much-needed relief.

To reduce demand, John McCain will stop filling the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR). International demand for oil is bolstered by federal purchases for the SPR, and there is no reason to fill it when oil is so expensive.

Ethanol subsidies, tariff barriers and sugar quotas drive up food prices and hurt Americans. However, we cannot take the wrong direction and cut off trade for American goods. John McCain will end policies that contribute to higher transportation and food costs.

Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!

John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live and The Ellen Degeneres Show this past week. It was his first appearance on the show since hosting in 2002.

He appeared in two sketches, including "The Weekend Update." John McCain has a great sense of humor and thoroughly enjoyed appearing on the show.

Click here to watch the clips online and be sure to remind your friends and family to watch too!

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