Friday, May 30, 2008

The McCain Update - May 30, 2008

It has been 873 days since Senator Obama's one and only visit to Iraq. Yet, despite zero first hand knowledge of conditions on the ground since the change in strategy, Senator Obama advocates withdrawal of U.S. troops. While he is happy to hold unconditional presidential meetings with the world's worst dictators, he has yet to meet with General Petraeus about the improving conditions in Iraq.

Before Senator Obama decides to override the recommendations of our commanders in the field and surrender the flight, he should have the judgment to see for himself first-hand the conditions on the ground. Please click here to tell Senator Obama that he needs to see and learn about the facts in Iraq.

Reducing Nuclear Threats

John McCain believes that we can build a safer world, one with fewer nuclear weapons and in which proliferation, instability and nuclear terrorism are far less likely. To achieve this, John McCain outlined a series of initiatives that will enhance nuclear security and prevent proliferation. He spoke about his initiatives at the University of Denver in Colorado on Tuesday.

The global spread of nuclear weapons demands immediate action. As president, John McCain will establish a long-term commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons.

At the same time, the U.S. must continue to deploy a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent, robust missile defense and superior conventional forces. He supports further strategic arms reductions and will seek to reduce the size of our nuclear arsenal to the lowest number possible, consistent with our security requirements and global commitments.

John McCain will work to strengthen existing international treaties and institutions to combat proliferation and develop new ones where necessary. To prevent countries from using civilian nuclear programs as a cover for the development of weapons, he will limit the further spread of enrichment and reprocessing. Click here to read more about John McCain's vision for nuclear security in the 21st century.

Celebrate Father's Day with the McCain Golf Package

With Father's Day quickly approaching there is no better way to thank dad and show your support for John McCain than by giving our new, limited edition golf pack. Get outfitted with the genuine McCain towel, golf balls, tees, divot repair tool, and sporty McCain shoe bag.

Order yours today to ensure it arrives before Father's Day and make sure dad can show his support out on the course!

Memorial Day

On Monday, John McCain gave a Memorial Day speech at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial in Albuquerque, honoring and thanking our nation's veterans for the sacrifice they have made serving our country.

As president, John McCain will ensure that service members and veterans have access to the highest quality health, mental health and rehabilitative care in the world. The disgrace of Walter Reed must never happen again and John McCain will make sure it never does. We owe our veterans more than just respect. We owe them training, rehabilitation, education and support for their valuable and selfless service to our nation. Please click here to read John McCain's Memorial Day speech.

New Web Ad: Memorial Day

This week we launched a web ad honoring the service and sacrifice of Hispanics in our Armed Forces on Memorial Day.

From the names engraved in black granite on the Vietnam War Memorial to current service members in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will find many of Hispanic background. Like generations of Americans before them, these are men and women who love this country so much that they are willing to sacrifice their lives in its service.

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