Friday, December 18, 2009

Gerry Purcell, GA Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

We began this campaign with a simple idea: We can do better in Georgia. We can start by choosing new leadership.

We can say "No" to business as usual in our state government. We can say "No" to Washington, D.C. controlling our healthcare. We can say "No" to out of control spending.

We can say "Yes" to common sense health care. We can say "Yes" to electing statesmen over career politicians, we can say "Yes" to electing industry experts and true leaders.

When I declared my candidacy for Insurance Commissioner, my goal was to reach out statewide to meet voters and listen to their concerns about the course of our state and nation. Voters across Georgia are tired of politics as usual, and want new leadership. I decided to run not because the insurance industry asked me to, because I felt like it was my turn, or because I needed to keep a government salary. We stand at a crossroads in Georgia, and in our nation. We can take the road of special interests, outrageous spending, and government control, or we can take a new road.

Our campaign has always been about ideas. It is clear that our ideas are taking hold all around Georgia.

We chose to invest our time at grassroots events, county party meetings, and community gatherings. Some of our opponents chose to stuff their coffers with special interest money. Our investment paid off with numerous straw poll victories. Straw polls are an excellent barometer to determine who has support among the grassroots supporters. We are humbled and honored by the success of our investment, as seen in our victories in straw polls across Georgia. Some of these victories include:

Cobb: 40% (5 candidates) DeKalb: 51% (7 candidates) Cobb Women GOP: 38% (8 candidates)
Henry: 73% (6 candidates) UGA CR's: 66% (4 candidates) Glynn: 41% (7 candidates)
Walker: 79% (6 candidates) Oglethorpe:36% (7 candidates) Union: 54% (8 candidates)

These wins show support in every corner of Georgia. They are a testament to our dedication and organization that is reaching out across Georgia. Members of my team constantly hear grassroots organizers say "Gerry is all over the state" and "You guys are everywhere!"

That will remain our mission: listening to voters across Georgia, and bringing new leadership to state government. To do so, I need your vote, and your financial support. Your financial support will spread our message of stopping national healthcare and making state government more accountable to the citizens of Georgia.

Please donate $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 today.

I look forward to seeing you again on the campaign trail, and thank you for your continued support.

Thank you,
Gerry Purcell

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