Friday, December 18, 2009

Fight With Frisbee - 12/20 Money Bomb (Frisbee For Congress 2010)

Facebook Message: Counting Down - Why A Money Bomb Now


First, I want to thank those who have signed up to be a part of my Campaign Facebook Group. Your support doing so is greatly appreciated. Additionally, I want to thank those that have confirmed as attending or maybe attending the Money Bomb event page.

I know there has been a flurry of money bombs out there. Seems like Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh, or Peter Schiff is having one all the time and seemingly people are constantly sending money by the flurry to them. I also recognize that this is the holidays, and people in this area specifically are hurting financially. I can feel your pain, I too am personally dealing with such hardships due to this ongoing economic slowdown.

However, from speaking with people around Georgia's 13th Congressional District, they tell me constantly the long overdue need to get Congressman David Scott removed from office, and that it must be done in 2010.

When I tell them of my plan to offer a stimulus package in Congress that does not include additional spending, but instead, tax cuts on individuals and small business, tax credits for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and tax roll backs for investors - then explain the reasons why and how these things will spur the growth of small businesses that then will lead to the hiring of Americans across this country, people see that this is the true economic recovery we need. Private sector jobs is the key - and they recognize I have a plan that will work.

When they hear of my plan to merge private sector and public sector into a cooperative program that helps to educate and retrain unemployed and welfare recipients to become business owners and managers, to assist them in launching their own business, and then have those new business owners hire other unemployed and welfare recipients, and that through this process, we help instill pride, respect, and esteem back into the individual - they realize that here is real change that is needed for our country, change that will raise up urban populations to self reliance and fiscal independence, and that I am the man to bring this to Congress.

When I explain my plan to reform education to get the Federal Government out of the schools and get more control back in the hands of parents, too help get more resources to the states to help build up urban schools, expand teacher availability and retention, as well as, reward student involvement and hard work - they see a vision that can revolutionize our education system and give opportunity for all children and give hope to those who feel hopeless in their communities.

However, I am having trouble reaching out and getting my message heard by everyone in the District - and I must reach everyone.

I am not rich, I am not even modestly comfortable. I'm a regular guy just like you, working hard to make a living, and provide for my family. I don't have the vast resources that my opponent does. He has raised a huge sum already - most of which has come from OUTSIDE of Georgia. Special interests and lobbying groups have a marked interest in making sure David Scott stays in office.

I know you are struggling - I know this is a bad time of year. I'm asking you to help me despite that. Let me demonstrate what a small donation of $5, $10, and $25 can do. There are 880 or so members on my campaign Facebook.

If each person was to donate only $5, that would bring in $4400.

With that I could purchase for the campaign:

The complete voter registry for the 13th Congressional District

1,000 Bumper Stickers
500 Lawn Yard Signs
1000 EZ Wires
50 Highway Signs
1,500 Literature Bags
1,000 Lapel Stickers
60 Campaign T-shirts
3' x 8' Banner
1000 Business Cards

If each person was to donate only $10, that would bring in $8800.

With that I could purchase for the campaign:

The complete voter registry for the 13th Congressional District

2,500 Bumper Stickers
2,500 18" x 24" Yard Signs
2,500 U Wires
100 Highway signs
10,000 Literature Bags
10,000 Lapel Stickers
144 Campaign T-shirts
144 Embroidered Hats
4 3' x 8' Banners
2000 Business Cards
2000 Campaign push cards

4 Portable 3' x 6' Event Tables
8 Portable Chairs

If each person was to donate only $25, that would bring in $22,000.

With that I could purchase for the campaign:

The complete voter registry for the 13th Congressional District

5,000 Bumper Stickers
5,000 18" x 24" Yard Signs
5,000 U Wires
200 Highway signs
20,000 Literature Bags
20,000 Lapel Stickers
288 Campaign T-shirts
288 Embroidered Hats
8 3' x 8' Banners
3000 Business Cards
5000 Campaign push cards

6 Portable 3' x 6' Event Tables
12 Portable Chairs

Rent Paid for a Campaign office for 12 months
Basic Office Furnishing & equipment (Used)

I plan on running a very financially lean campaign - but I need to get some basics taken care of to get my message out, and I can only do that with your help. In addition, I need your help as volunteers to help reach out door to door starting January 8th, when we begin the Signature Petititons.

So please - help me in my campaign to oust David Scott, and become the representative this district and this country needs in Washington.

Please donate to my campaign on December 20th, 2009, the date for the Fight With Frisbee 12/20 Money Bomb.;

Thank you one and all.

Michael Frisbee
Independent Constitutional Conservative
Congressional Candidate
Georgia's 13th Congressional District

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