Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tom Graves: Raising Taxes Eliminates Jobs, Not Create Them

President Obama wrong to raise taxes to pay for liberal spending

Republican State Representative Tom Graves (R-Ranger), candidate for the 9th Congressional District of Georgia, today said that the Obama Administration has it all wrong when considering raising taxes on the middle class in order to pay for their liberal agenda.

“Raising taxes kills jobs and hurts working families, especially during a recession,” said Graves. “Cutting taxes is the surest way to create jobs and put out of work Americans back on the payroll. President Obama is wrong to consider a tax increase to pay for the Democrat’s out of control spending and $1 trillion deficit.”

Sunday, President Barak Obama’s top economic advisors began laying the ground work for a tax hike on the middle class despite pledges from the President on the campaign trail not to do so. This revelation comes after the President and the Democrat-controlled Congress passed a $1 trillion energy tax and is determined to pass a $1 trillion health care bill when Congress returns from a month-long vacation.

Last week, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Kyle Wingfield wrote that Ed Singleton, a small business owner from Ellijay, was considering selling his 11 Subway sandwiches shops because the increased cost of the recent minimum wage increase and the potential new taxes and health care mandates being discussed in Washington. Singleton said “The things that Obama’s doing are detrimental to small businesses, which are the lifeblood of this country,” said Singleton. “I can’t stay in business like that.”

“The President and Congress need to be looking for ways to reduce the tax burden on the middle class and small businesses who are already struggling,” said Graves, the four-term state representative and small businessman. “Our economy will recover by putting people back to work, through an expanded private sector, not an expanded government.”

Last session of the Georgia General Assembly Graves authored the Jobs Opportunity and Business Success Act, HB 481 and 482. The JOBS Act, which received national attention, was focused on helping small businesses by creating, expanding and attracting jobs through a series of tax credits, cuts, and incentives for businesses to hire Georgians.

Graves said if elected to Congress he will fight the Democrats tax and spend mentality.

“In Congress, I’ll fight against those in Congress who are spending the next generation into bankruptcy and the tax increases that go along with it,” said Graves. “I’ll work to eliminate wasteful spending, implement a balanced-budget and advocate for a fairer, flatter tax system so working Georgians can choose how much they pay in taxes to the Federal government.”

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