Friday, August 14, 2009

Handel for Governor E-Update

Karen Handel Calls on Obama Justice Department to Reverse Position on Non-Citizen's Voting

Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel today sent a formal request to the Obama Justice Department to reverse course on its prohibition against the state confirming U.S. citizenship for people registering to vote.

The common sense program enacted by Karen's office in 2008 used data from the Department of Driver's Services and the Social Security Administration to make sure newly registered voters were actually U.S. citizens.

Last May the Justice Department banned Georgia from conducting citizenship checks - opening the doors to organizations like ACORN to register non-citizens and encourage them to cast ballots.

Following this move, Karen launched an online petition allowing Georgians to express their opposition to the Obama Administration's move. More than 25,000 Americans signed that petition.

Today's letter is the next step in a legal process to protect Georgia's right to conduct its own elections and to ensure that all Georgia voters are actually citizens of this country.

"Citizenship verification worked in 2008, plain and simple," Karen said. "Historic numbers of people of all ethnic backgrounds voted without difficulty and no qualified voter was kept from casting a ballot."

To show your support for Karen's fight against the Obama Administration and for citizenship verification of voters, please sign the petition today.

Pro-Amnesty MALDEF denounces voter check appeal to DOJ

Not only is Karen taking on the Obama Administration to ensure that only U.S. citizens are voting in our elections, she is also fighting other liberal groups such as the ACLU and MALDEF. It was no surprise this week when MALDEF attacked Karen for her efforts.

Karen announced the appeal on Wednesday, and according to yesterday's article by the Associated Press, "the Mexican Legal Defense and Education Fund is denouncing Georgia's appeal of the Justice Department's rejection of a voter check plan." The article also cites Elise Shore, regional counsel for MALDEF, calling Karen's voting reforms a "flawed, unreliable system that creates barriers to voting."

Karen is going to continue standing up against these groups to fight for sensible voting reforms. To read the entire article, follow this link.

Karen to Speak at Atlanta Health Care Town Hall Saturday

Obama's healthcare plan has been stalled by real Americans speaking out and if we want real, sensible reform we need to keep it up. Join Karen at the Atlanta Health Care Town Hall tomorrow.

To RSVP or volunteer for the event, follow this link.

The event will be at Atlanta's Centennial Park from 1:00 - 4:00 tomorrow and other speakers include Dick Armey and Herman Cain.
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