Thursday, June 11, 2009

Team Ox Launches the OxMobile Platform:

John Oxendine, Republican candidate for Governor, is proud to launch the latest cutting edge technology in the 2010 campaign for Governor of Georgia.

John Oxendine launches his OxMobile campaign, powered by Atlanta based Whoop Inc.

This cutting edge technology allows voters to interact with the campaign by utilizing an innovative mobile and SMS platform developed by Atlanta based Whoop to deliver rich content and WAP to cell phone users.

"I am excited to introduce this cutting edge application. I am committed to running a campaign which fully embraces new and innovative ways for voters to communicate with me. In our mobile society, I know Georgians appreciate the opportunity to utilize new technology to communicate with candidates in a manner that make it easy for them", said Oxendine.

The OxMobile platform is live now, and Georgians are invited to become active participants with this new cutting edge technology. "Over the weeks and months ahead John Oxendine will continue to introduce cutting edge technology in this campaign," said campaign manager Kathryn Ballou.


To access OxMobile text "oxgov" to 32075.
*Standard rates will apply. Text "stop" to quit.

OxMobile allows users of many different phones to download an iPhone style app to their phones to keep track of what is going on in the campaign. Users can choose to download the app or visit the rich content site.

Follow your phone's prompts (each phone is different) and then if asked to enter a keyword, enter "oxgov" and you will be taken to the site/application.

Once there you will find information on the campaign, issues, and a question and answer section where you can submit your questions for John and every week watch a new mobile video from him answering one of your questions. Please use the share option to invite all of your friends and family to the OxMobile platform.

This is a brand new technology and we are aware that some phones may have issues with this technology. It is our desire to implement the most accessible form of communication and so we welcome feedback from Georgians on how easy the OxMobile platform is to use.

The campaign invites users to provide their feedback on this cutting edge technology. We invite users to let us know if they would prefer a traditional text (SMS) campaign.

Thank you for being a part of this historic launch. We look forward to your participation and feedback.

Team Oxendine.

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