Friday, June 19, 2009

Eric Johnson, Candidate for GA Governor, Campaign Update

These last few weeks have been exciting and quite busy. It's been great to visit with Georgians across the state to hear directly where they want us to go in the future. My time on the campaign trail has reinforced my belief that you don't measure the strength of a state with just numbers and statistics. It's the courage and optimism of the people of Georgia that are our greatest asset.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak to the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce about the current economic climate and the innovative ways to help Georgians get the economy back on track. I understand the importance of having solid communities all throughout Georgia with the guiding principles of a free market and a strong infrastructure made up of small businesses led by creative entrepreneurs. We must make sure government stays out of the way of small businesses and provide them the tools that they need so we can help them grow and add new jobs.

Marty Daniel of Daniel Defense in Bryan County is one of those entrepreneurs. When I visited his plant, I saw first hand the great work they accomplish to supply our military, law enforcement professionals, and sport-shooters with the equipment they need. In just a few short years, he went from being a one-man operation to employing over 100.

Companies large and small—employers like NCR and Cancer Treatment Centers of America who are opening new facilities in Georgia—understand that Georgia is open for business. As your next Governor, I'll continue to fight for the 21st Century jobs, small business owners, and the guy in the garage with a good idea looking to make it big.

Also this week Kathryn, Righton and I were able to meet with supporters at Jim and Norma Edenfield's home in Atlanta. We can’t thank Jim and Norma enough for their gracious hospitality.

It was great to see old friends and meet new ones—not only from Atlanta, but from all over Georgia. We spoke about ideas to create more jobs, transform and improve education, alleviate gridlock on our roads, and protect our families.I've said it in every corner of the state, and I'll keep saying it: This campaign is about trust. As the campaign moves along, I hope to earn your trust. If I earn your trust, I'll earn your vote. If I earn your vote I’ll be a good Governor for a great state. I look forward to visiting with you in your community to talk about how we can work together to make Georgia an even better state.

Yours for a better Georgia,

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