Friday, May 15, 2009

Handel to Georgia’s Challenges: "Bring It On!"

With a video and a speech before the crowd of GOP activists at the Georgia Republican Convention today, Secretary of State Karen Handel brought a rousing message of change as well as her personal story of beating the odds in life and politics into the limelight.

Handel’s video tells of her leaving a troubled home situation at 17, getting a job and finishing high school on her own. It then chronicles her history of facing challenges in the Bush/Quayle White House, as Chairman of the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce (where she learned that all but $10 had been embezzled from the bank accounts), as the Fulton County Commission Chairman who shot down a $100 million tax increase and balanced the budget through responsible cuts instead and as the longshot candidate who ended up winning big over a powerful state senate leader to become Georgia’s first Republican Secretary of State. The recurring mantra of the video was that Karen faced each challenge with an attitude of “bring it on!”

As Karen stepped to the podium to give her speech, her campaign’s new website went live on the Internet. It includes the video, the text of Karen’s speech, an issues section where voters can examine her record and her positions and much more. The website too is “Bring it On!” themed and can be found at

The text of the video is attached. The video was narrated by Karen’s Campaign Chairman, Fred Cooper and produced by Fred Davis.

Text of Handel Convention Film “Stronger”


It weighs tons. Is loud. Moves not with grace, but with a lumbering gait. It is the ox.

Who could be stronger than an ox?

Maybe someone who never got to enjoy a picture-perfect childhood. Who had to leave home at 17, get a job, finish high school alone. Yet advanced all the way to the White House, as Deputy Chief of Staff to Marilyn Quayle.

This someone then won a seemingly ideal job: CEO of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. But, discovered that the Chamber checking account held less than ten dollars, the rest had been embezzled. Most said, “It can’t be saved,” but she said, “Bring it on.” Yes, “SHE.” Today that Chamber flourishes and has helped attract much-needed jobs to Georgia.

Elected Chairman of the Fulton County Commission she was presented with a huge tax increase. She threw that budget out and wrote a new one. With rational cuts she balanced it – and saved Georgians a hundred million dollars. Bring it on, Georgia. When conventional wisdom said the corrupt Sheriff of Fulton County couldn’t be touched, Karen Handel said, “Bring it on,” and the Sheriff was removed from office.

As secretary of state Handel accomplished what few other states have: voter ID, proof of citizenship and fair elections. All while reducing her budget 15%.

Does Georgia have challenges that no politician has been able to solve?

You bet. Transportation. Water. Taxes. Education. Bloated budgets.

Who has fresh eyes and the proven ability to solve impossible problems?

Who has a heart for people, but is stronger than an ox?

Who has won tough election after tough election?

The same furry creature who tried and failed before?

Or, those who mean so well, but have proven so little?

It is not a good ole boy who will make Georgia work.

It is a proven, battle-tested, accomplished reformer.

Who just happens to be, a she.

Got problems, Georgia? Bring ‘em on.

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