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Nightly Southeast Update

45 Days to the Election of John McCain
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From: SE Regional Offices, Tallahassee
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Topic: Host a Debate Watching Party

Barack Obama Refuses to Offer Plan To Deal With Financial Crisis

The American financial sector is said to be experiencing its worst crisis since the 1930's. This is a time for our nation's leaders to stand up and lead. While John McCain has offered a detailed plan for averting future financial crises, Barack Obama has yet to offer a single policy proposal to deal with our difficult economic situation. With the financial security of millions of hardworking people at stake, Americans cannot afford a president who lacks the courage to take a stand on the most pressing issue of the day.

When he was asked to vote "yes" or "no" on important legislation in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama repeatedly refused to take a position and simply voted "present." Remarkably, this happened more than 130 times during his tenure in the Illinois State Senate. Once again, Barack Obama is refusing to take a stand and has decided to vote "present" on the most important issue facing America today.

John McCain has always shown the courage to take a stand, even when it might cost him politically. John McCain did not sit back this week and think about what type of plan might benefit him most politically. He acted quickly and decisively to address the financial crisis.
In these difficult economic times, Americans need a president who will put country before politics and make tough decisions to secure our economic and national security.

Read more about John McCain's plan: Reforming Our Financial Markets

Debate Watching Parties

We're in the midst of a busy fall season with just under 50 days left until Election Day. The first presidential debate will be held next Friday, September 26th at the University of Mississippi. After months of refusing to hold joint town hall meetings with John McCain, Senator Obama will finally have to face John McCain one-on-one.

This debate is something you absolutely will not want to miss, which is why we are asking you to host a McCain Nation Debate Watching Party on Friday, September 26th.

If you host a McCain Nation party, you will receive a packet from the campaign that includes a suggested party agenda, bumper stickers, and other McCain-Palin gear. We are asking that you register your party by Monday, September 22nd to receive a packet in time for your party.
The process for creating a Debate Watching Party is very simple. Click on the picture link below to signup:

Must Clicks

Governor Sarah Palin held a one-on-one interview with Sean Hannity from Fox News earlier this week.
You Can Watch the Clips from the Interview Here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Must Reads

Out of Bounds! Obama Misstates McCain's Position on Regulation
By Steven Thomma
McClatchy Newspapers
September 20, 2008

First, while McCain is generally an anti-regulation conservative, he's supported some tougher federal regulations.

In 2002, for example, he pushed for tougher corporate-accounting standards after the scandals at Enron and other corporations. "I have long opposed unnecessary regulation of business activity, mindful that the heavy hand of government can discourage innovation. But in the current climate, only a restoration of the system of checks and balances that once protected the American investor, and that has seriously deteriorated over the past 10 years, can restore the confidence that makes financial markets work," McCain said.

To re ad more, click here: Out of Bounds! Obama Misstates McCain's Position on Regulation

No Vote for the Troops
The Wall Street Journal
September 19, 2008
Even Barack Obama, who opposed the Iraq troop surge, has finally acknowledged its success. But some of his fellow Democrats in Congress apparently remain unconvinced. Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin teamed up to block a vote on a bipartisan resolution "recognizing the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq" and thanking our men and women in uniform for their efforts.

To read more, click here: No Vote for the Troops

In Green Bay, McCain-Palin Message is: No Tax Increase
By Greg Borowski
Milwaukee Journal-SentinelSeptember 19, 2008

Republican presidential candidate John McCain brought a sharpened economic message with him to the state Thursday night, hammering Democratic rival Barack Obama as a job-killing, tax-hiking, do-nothing, old-school politician.

To cheers from a spirited crowd that essentially filled the Resch Center in Green Bay, McCain and running mate Sarah Palin positioned themselves as the true friends of American workers, prepared to shake up "the corruption of Washington and Wall Street."

To read more, click here: In Green Bay, McCain-Palin Message is: No Tax Increase

Finally This Evening...

Would you like to share your exci tement about John McCain and Governor Palin with your community? If so, John McCain and Governor Palin are calling you to action. We need people to write Letters to the Editor and submit them to their local newspaper.

Writing a Letter to the Editor on behalf of John McCain is a great way to make an important contribution to our grassroots campaign. A consistent stream of Letters to the Edtior across Georgia that are supportive of John McCain will demonstrate to your neighbors and undecided voters that momentum and enthusiasm are building for our campaign.

This is a small, but crucial effort that you can undertake for the campaign. It will only require an hour of your time each week to write a Letter to the Editor, but it will make a difference in your community.

We strongly encourage you to write a Letter to the Editor. Click here to find the Email Address for Your Local Newspaper.

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