Monday, September 22, 2008

Georgia's Perry McGuire, Court of Appeals Candidate

Dear Fellow Georgians –
Great news! Georgia Right to Life PAC has endorsed our campaign for Georgia Court of Appeals!

Georgia Right to Life PAC has more than 200,000 Georgia voters active in the defense of life issues. I am honored that they have chosen to endorse me in this 7-candidate race. We expect to share more important endorsements in the coming weeks. Thank you to Georgia Right to Life PAC and to the hundreds of Georgians who have stepped forward to endorse this campaign so far . . . take a look at the endorsement press release at

Let me share with you a few thoughts about this endorsement. Georgia Right to Life PAC president, Dan Becker, said some very strong words on my behalf in his letter to me:
The GRTL PAC is honored to endorse [Perry McGuire] for the office of Georgia Court of Appeals in the November 4, 2008 General Election . . . our endorsements are based on responses to our candidate survey, voting history, and our evaluation of the candidates and their commitment to the cause of life . . . As a Georgia Senator, you showed leadership in the Georgia General Assembly on the life issues. Thank you for your dedication in protecting and preserving the rights for all life . . . the years ahead will bring us new opportunities to defend the civil rights of the unborn, those with disabilities and the elderly . . . the GRTL PAC is honored to support you in this election.
With all this good news and widespread support, I need to raise the funds necessary to get the word out to the maximum number of Georgia voters. The Court of Appeals is critical for Georgia – both for the thousands of individuals and companies who come before this court as a “court of last resort,” and for the millions of Georgians directly affected by the decisions that come from the court.

Can I count on you to make a new contribution today? Please visit to make an investment in this race. We are the front-runners in this race, and in order to ensure victory in November, I need to tell our story to Georgia voters. With high-profile Presidential and Senate races going on, it’s tough to break through the political discourse! We will win this race if you can help us get there – and I am committed to bringing my no-nonsense, proven judgment to the Court of Appeals for all Georgia!
Can You Help?
Please have your friends added to our e-mail list:
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Can you volunteer?
Can you contribute? To get our message out, we need your financial support. Any amount great or small will be greatly appreciated and wisely used: that Perry McGuire will be fifth on ballot in the race for Court of Appeals – so, “plead the Fifth!”Thank you again for your time and support – we’ll keep you updated on campaign developments – and please visit regularly at!Perry McGuire

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brad said...

Whatever happend to impartiality in the courts?