Wednesday, June 4, 2008

McCain - Governors Charlie Crist And Bobby Jindal On The Choice In This Election

Florida Governor Charlie Crist: John McCain Has "Been A Reformer His Entire Career"

Fox News' "Fox & Friends"
June 4, 2008

FOX NEWS' STEVE DOOCY: "What does that mean the choice between the right change and the wrong change?"

GOV. CHARLIE CRIST: "Well, I think it's pretty clear that Senator McCain wants to lower taxes, the tax burden on the American people. He wants to take care of climate change. He wants to do things that continue to reform the way things happen in Washington. He's been a reformer his entire career as that regards and I think that clearly, he's the kind of individual who represents change that the people will want rather than change that they don't know."

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal: "There's A Real Choice For The Voters"

CNN's "American Morning"
June 4, 2008

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL: "Good morning. Well, you know, certainly let's give Senator Obama his due. He certainly speaks better than any elected official, any politician I've ever heard. I think this is going to be a good election for America. You've got two candidates that represent change with very different policies, very different perspectives. There's a real choice for the voters. Senator Obama talks very, very well about change, Senator McCain, the difference is, he's actually spent his career delivering change. He has fought against earmark, wasteful spending, has fought to defend our country, even when he had to stand alone against the special interests. People forget he was sometimes a lonely fight when he fought against earmarks and pork-barrel spending, even opposing it within his own party. I think it's a good contrast. Senator Obama clearly is a great speaker. I think we're entering the phase of the election where the voters are g oing to ask where's the beef, what's the substance, let's get beyond the speeches, let's look at the details."

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