Monday, December 31, 2007

McCain: Thank You For an Incredible Year!

Dear McCain Supporter,

This is it - the last day before the end of the fundraising quarter.

Thanks to your help and support, I am on the verge of an historic comeback in New Hampshire that will send shock waves through the political landscape and catapult my candidacy forward. I'm emailing you today because I need your help one last time.

I am surging to the front of the pack in New Hampshire where our grassroots campaign is winning out over the tens of millions of dollars in advertising that Mitt Romney has inundated the state with for months.

The most recent New Hampshire poll shows that my campaign has gained 15 points in the last month and has me tied with Mitt Romney at 26 percent each. Another poll shows me leading Romney in Michigan - his adopted home state.

In addition, we received endorsements from 26 area newspapers, including the Boston Globe and Boston Herald - Mitt Romney's hometown newspapers, and major papers in New Hampshire, including the New Hampshire Union Leader, Nashua Telegraph, Concord Monitor and Portsmouth Herald.

As more and more voters focus on this election, they realize I have the experience and judgment our country needs at this time in our history. And Republicans all across the nation recognize that I am the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the general election.

But I must keep pushing forward, reaching out to voters and promoting my conservative agenda for victory against radical Islamic extremists, restoration of trust in our government, and prosperity for American families.

I know I can win this race, but only if I have the money to get my message out and fully fund our get-out-the-vote programs. After New Hampshire on January 8th, I need to immediately ramp-up my campaign for the next round of elections in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida and the February 5th Super Tuesday primaries.

Please make an immediate online contribution to my campaign.

Every dollar we raise today will go toward what we report for this quarter. I need your help to keep the momentum going.
I am counting on you to stick with me during the critical days ahead. We have come too far and fought too hard to let up now, with victory in sight.

Please immediately make the largest contribution you can by clicking here.

I thank you for your sense of duty to our country and your undying commitment and support for my campaign.

Yours respectfully,John McCain

P.S. - McCain Supporter, I need your immediate help to win New Hampshire and then use the momentum to catapult forward to victory in the next round of primaries.

Please click here to make the largest emergency contribution you can today. Thank you!

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