Monday, December 31, 2007


"Romney, Obama Should Get Party Nominations"
Casper Star-Tribune Editorial
December 31, 2007

"The wishes of Wyoming voters are usually a moot point by presidential convention time. In each party, someone usually racks up enough wins in the early primaries to ensure the nomination, thus making the conventions a formality.

"This year, thanks to the state Republican central committee's decision to hold its county caucuses Saturday, things are a little different. Several GOP candidates campaigned in Wyoming. While most of these hopefuls were in the lower tier, the move nevertheless gave the state some recognition it hasn't received in other years.

"With Thursday's GOP and Democratic caucuses in Iowa too close to call, a win in Wyoming could boost a candidate's chances in next week's New Hampshire primary."

"Our Editorial Board's recommendations aim to identify the candidates who will best represent Wyoming's interests, along with the nation as a whole.

"Mitt Romney stands out in the Republican race as the candidate with the leadership, experience, and conservative political philosophy to be his party's standard bearer.

"Romney traveled to Wyoming twice in the past few months, visiting Cheyenne, Gillette, Jackson and Riverton. He has organized an impressive team of Wyoming supporters.

"The former Massachusetts governor has pledged to oppose any increases in income taxes and is prepared to make spending cuts in our bloated federal budget.

"Romney has called for making the nation more energy-independent. That resonates well in Wyoming, a state with an abundance of fossil fuels and potential for wind and solar power.

"As chief executive of the Olympics, Romney did a masterful job saving the winter games in Salt Lake City. And speaking of Utah, Romney's family ties to that state date back to territorial days. His heritage is rooted in the West, and he's not likely to forget it."

"There is no reason Republican voters shouldn't believe Romney when he describes himself as a conservative, pro-life candidate who believes marriage is the union of a man and a woman."

"For those reasons, Romney and Obama are our choices for the two parties' nominations. Whether you agree with us or not, we hope you find our observations helpful."

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