Monday, April 5, 2010

A Statement from Nathan Deal (4/1/10)

To my friends and supporters:

You will be reading media reports about the release of a preliminary report from the Office of Congressional Ethics.

This is a politically motivated witch hunt. I have done nothing wrong and am not going to let this tarnish my 30-year record of public service.

Our campaign will not miss a beat and we continue our quest to become the next governor of Georgia.

Thank you for the confidence you have expressed in me.

The statement released Monday by the campaign:

This has always been a political witch hunt fueled by Democrats who fear that Roy Barnes will lose the governor's race to Nathan Deal.

In its own report, the Office of Congressional Ethics admits that its efforts were incomplete and it does NOT conclude that Mr. Deal did anything wrong.

That's because Nathan Deal did nothing wrong.

This is a business Nathan was involved with before he went to Congress and was approved by the House ethics committee every year. There were never any tax dollars involved and there was never a contract with the state of Georgia.

This is an attempt by Nathan's political opponents to drag his good name through the mud.  The complaint was brought by a liberal, George Soros sponsored group, fueled by the Democrat party of Georgia.

The only shred of truth in this political attack is that an innocent accounting error was made and subsequently corrected.

From Roll Call, a Capitol newspaper:

Deal's attorney Randy Evans dismissed the report Monday as inaccurate and reiterated that Deal had tied his retirement date to the House vote on health care reform, which occurred March 21.

"I think there were things that were obviously incorrect in the committee's report. We pointed that out. I was disappointed that the committee didn't take more time to get it right," Evans said. He added: "There were affidavits and other information that were submitted that made it clear that nothing in appropriate or improper had happened."

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