Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Message from Mayor Steve Lonegan, Candidate, Governor N.J.

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Dear Fellow Conservative,

President Barack Obama is determined to turn America into a Socialist "utopia." After only two months in office, he has supported and amassed more national debt than the first 200 years of our Republic!


So far, 2009 will see more than $1 TRILLION in new deficit spending. Most Americans have never heard the number "trillion" used before this year in regular conversation. But now, you and I hear it all the time to describe our present economic turmoil and how much taxpayer money is going to be needed to "fix" the problem.

Here in New Jersey, our ultra-liberal Governor, Jon Corzine, has just introduced his newest budget, which includes raising the state income tax yet again (already the highest in the land). Corzine also wants to increase taxes on small businesses - the biggest job creators in our economy. It's sheer madness to hurt job producers in a time when New Jersey is experiencing a massive out-migration of residents to more tax-friendly states.


Never in my life have I seen Free Market economics so openly attacked by the top officials in our land. Never before have you and I seen such a fast and reckless attack on the principles that made America the greatest economic powerhouse the world has EVER seen. My purpose in writing you today is to ask you to join the counter-revolution to take back our country - and to start by taking the battle to one of President Obama's strongest states: New Jersey.

I'm Steve Lonegan, and I want you to join my campaign for governor to send a message to President Obama that patriotic Americans want our country back. With your financial gift of $50, $500, $1,000, or $3,000, we can hand President Obama his first major post-election defeat by taking out one of his "favorite sons": Governor Jon Corzine.

And thanks to New Jersey's matching funds program, every dollar you invest in the Lonegan for Governor campaign is TRIPLED, thanks to the 2-1 match.


Rather than take his cues from the Free Market on the direction our country needs to take, President Obama has decided to take a page from Governor Corzine's administration.Taxes are about to go through the roof on the biggest job creators in the country in a time when America is shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs per month.

And even some liberal media sources are mocking the pork-barrel spending being rammed through Congress - all in the name of economic "stimulus." There is so much money being printed right now to finance this Obama-led spending orgy that some economists are beginning to predict that America will see hyper - inflation in 2010 that will destroy most of what is left of our retirement funds. Change has certainly come to America, and some believe we may never recover from it.


But even though these are the worst of times, I believe they are also the best of times to be an American.

The reason for my optimism is because what President Obama is doing right now to America will fail. Rush Limbaugh doesn't have to "hope" that Obama fails. I can guarantee you that President Obama and his socialist agenda for America WILL FAIL. I know this because it's the same agenda Jon Corzine has pushed in New Jersey for years and it has failed. New Jersey is the poster child for what the rest of America can expect from the Barack Obama administration.

For years, our state has been ruled by liberal administrations that have made New Jersey the worst place in America to own a business and the highest tax jurisdiction in the country.

But not for much longer!

Barack Obama will fail as President - and it will start this fall in New Jersey with my defeat of Jon Corzine. HELP STEVE DEFEAT OBAMA AND CORZINE. CLICK HERE

I'm running for governor of New Jersey not just to defeat Jon Corzine. I'm running to defeat the destructive agenda of ultra-liberals like Corzine and Obama, and begin to take our country back.

You and I must take back America - the real America. Not an America that looks at the so-called "rich" with socialist envy or an America that looks at individual liberty and free markets as the causes of our problems.

The battle lines are clearly drawn. And that is why I believe it is the best of times to be an American. You and I have been chosen to live in the present generation that must fight to defend the principles that make us Americans. This is a great challenge - but a great honor.

I believe we're up to it. That's why I want you to join my campaign and send a message to Barack Obama and Jon Corzine that real Americans reject the march towards socialism and support the principles of individual liberty and free markets, which made our country a "shining city on a hill."


Will you join me today in this important fight? My campaign is growing by leaps and bounds. At first, I was ignored by major press outlets. But in a few short months, the Republican nomination is now seen as a referendum of my campaign platform.

Thanks to New Jersey's matching funds program, every dollar you contribute is matched 2-1. That means every dollar you send my campaign is TRIPLED. A $100 contribution turns into $300. A $3,000 contribution turns into $9,000!

I have over 7,000 individual contributors and have raised well over $1 MILLION. The unique fact about this growth of support is that a lot of it is from outside New Jersey! I recently spoke at the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) conference in Washington, D.C. Here is a link to my speech so you can hear for yourself why so many people from around the country see the importance of my campaign.


People know that defeating Jon Corzine is defeating the failed policies of Barack Obama. America lost a lot in the election of Barack Obama last fall. It is our job to recover our lost freedoms and preserve them for future generations of Americans. And this "road to recovery" begins in 2009 with the defeat of Jon Corzine.

Please join my campaign today, by sending the best donation you can. Remember, all funds will be matched 2-1, TRIPLING your gift and providing a great return on your investment in the future of our state and nation.

I am sorry that you and I have lived to see our beloved country brought to its present crisis. But this crisis has created in me a resolve greater than I've ever had to fight back and to recruit others to join me in this fight.Can I count on you? Can America count on you?

Mayor Steve Lonegan

P.S. You and I have an opportunity to hand President Obama his first major loss this fall by defeating ultra-liberal Governor Jon Corzine in New Jersey. Please join this important effort with your donation today to Lonegan for Governor. All contributions are matched 2-1! A $100 donation becomes $300. A $3,000 donation becomes $9,000. Please do what you can today. Our nation's future depends on you. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and considering my candidacy.

Paid for by Lonegan for Governor, Inc.
PO Box 461, Bogota, NJ 07603

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