Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thompson to Supporters

We appreciate your support and activity on Fred's behalf. Tens of thousands of Americans have joined you in the firm belief that Fred Thompson is the right man to guide America as President.

Today, as Fred's Campaign manager, I have a special favor to ask.Let me lay out for you where I think we stand. I believe Fred can make a big move in South Carolina, just a week from Saturday. He is down there, working hard night and day and touring the state by bus. We have a tremendous ground game. We are completing our television advertising placement today.

Now, we need to make sure that we can supplement that advertising with strong messages on the radio and with direct voter contact. Right now, my budget is a little short of where it needs to be to get that done. I talk to a lot of Fred's supporters from all walks of life. Most of them say they can afford to make at least a small contribution. Some can't, and if that's your situation, then thank you for all you have done and keep fighting.

But if you can make a contribution--however small--

NOW is the time. Fred needs your help today. If you have been waiting for the right time, it's today...Or maybe you think you can only spare $10 or $20 and that what you can give won't make a difference. I am here to say that anything helps.

You may not believe this, but... If all of Fred's friends who have not contributed financially would go to our website and donate just $10 the campaign would get an immediate 2 million dollar boost! Small contributions add up fast. Average Americans who believe in a secure border, a strong defense and lower taxes will be the deciding factor in this race.

So, even a donation of $10, $20 or $25 would help Fred get where he needs to be.

Make a donation today, give more if you can--but please consider investing in this important mission.And again, thanks for all your help.
William B. Lacy
Campaign Manager

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